Grocy - Custom component and card(s)

I am using 2.0.0. beta 6 already.

Then write a bug issue with the exact information I require in the template there so I can see if I can help you!

I was not sure if i miss something regarding authentication.

i found, the error only occurs if the amount is bigger then the amount in stock.
I changed numbers in example from 3 / 3 without registering the second 3 was the amount, not an ID.
I dont have 77 apples :wink:

Using which UI element do you add / remove products like apples?
i would like to see some examples.

I don’t really understand what you want to do :slight_smile:

i try to create some buttons to consume products like

type: 'custom:button-card'
color_type: card
color: 'rgb(2000, 255, 97)'
icon: 'mdi:apple'
size: 40%
aspect_ratio: 1/1
entity: sensor.grocy_stock
name: '[[[ return `${entity.attributes["products"][77]["available_amount"]}` ]]]'
  text: '[[[ return `Use one apple?` ]]]'
  action: call-service
  service: grocy.consume_product_from_stock
    product_id: 77
    amount: 1
    transaction_type: CONSUME

I would like to know how your do something like this.

Currently i have the problem of this code showing me 9280 apples rather then the 5 i have in stock (maybe after some update? i think it was correct before, but i’m not sure)

PS: thats really strange, i added the name and found out, that the 9280 dont comes from apples, id 77, but from another product with id 113, same with other numbers i try.
If i try to use ‘77’ rather then 77 i get an error.

Pleasy to try do a service call from the developer tools instead of adding extra complixity of the front end while testing. Also turn on debugging as described in the readme in the repo.
This service call is working fine for me, being that product 13 is something I had in stock. image

@teachingbirds I am not getting a response on chores. I don’t use the meal plan or tasks so can’t say they are related.

I do get the following error, which I saw is an open issue :

Logger: custom_components.grocy
Source: custom_components/grocy/
Integration: Grocy (documentation)
First occurred: November 3, 2020, 7:43:21 PM (876 occurrences)
Last logged: 9:27:44 AM

    Update of Overdue_chores failed with 'yearly' is not a valid PeriodType
    Update of Chores failed with 'yearly' is not a valid PeriodType

So for now is the fix to change all my yearly items to 12 months or should I just wait?

Well…I can’t do monthly as a work around since it will not go beyond 30 months. I have some 120 month (10 year) items (smoke detectors).

This is getting resolved in the library!

Hello Isabella, I am new to HA, but I believe I am having 2 errors (one with the custom component and one with the card). When I follow the instructions and enable the Chores sensor, and then check the sensor on the Developer Tools tab, the state is always “unknown”. I was unsure if I was entering the correct URL - would you have an example of what that would be?

Do you have the grocy addon or have you installed it stand alone?

I have the Grocy addon with the host set to 9192.

You can then use the ip address of the host, like “” (or https if you have that of course).

Thank you ma’am! I was confused because of my access using Nabu Casa. Entering the local IP address in the format shown above worked perfectly for me. And, because the sensor was set up correctly, the second issue I was experiencing with the Grocy Chores Lovelace card is working as expected too. Thank you again!

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Great integration. I’m going to use the tasks in grocy as contracts (phone, electric etc) the integration exposes those tasks to HA. I’m currently thinking on how to ad the attributes to an automation. Was thinking about a template or something and then notify.

Any ideees?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you want to do.

Accidentally upgraded to grocy 3.0.0 and the cards / integration stopped working:

Logger: custom_components.grocy
Source: custom_components/grocy/ 
Integration: Grocy (documentation) 
First occurred: 8:27:18 PM (6 occurrences) 
Last logged: 8:29:48 PM

Update of Chores failed with 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: http://denmark.lan:8786/api/chores

Managed to rollback grocy’s docker image and Bob’s you’re uncle… chores cards were back in action.

Careful about upgrading guys… maybe there’s a bug or change to the Chores API.

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Didn’t realize 3.0 was released now! I will specify that the component is only tested with 2.x. I use the addon myself so I won’t be able to update until it’s updated.