Group elements have gone from the UI

After a recent upgrade to 107.7 all of my groups have disappeared from the lovelace UI. I found some changes in the changelog about groups, but don’t see how they relate to my setup.

I define groups in groups.yaml manually, and then use those entities in the UI. Are there any other config changes I need to do to make these work? From reading it seems like the manual definition in the groups.yaml file is an old school way of doing it, but I can’t find a way to create groups in the UI.

I read this thread which sounded related despite being for a much older version, but it didn’t help.

Thanks for any help!

Groups as a frontend construct have been deprecated, you can still use them in automations, scripts etc, they just won’t group your entities in the frontend. You need a lovelace card for this, like e.g. the entities card. There’s no way to configure groups through the UI (there are areas, but they don’t have a lot of functionality yet), you need to configure them in configuration.yaml.

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I’m not sure I understand.

I’m using a glance card at the moment, the config for which looks like this:

None of my groups (entities starting with group. ) now appear in the developer > states page so I can’t confirm that automations using those groups are still working.

You may want to focus on fixing that first because, using 0.107.6, all my groups are displayed in Developer Tools > States.

My configuration.yaml file contains this:

group: !include groups.yaml

and my groups are defined in groups.yaml (located in the config directory).

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can you please show your groups.yaml file?

I’m also including my groups file from configuration.yaml

The groups.yaml contains:

    name: Stairs
    icon: mdi:stairs
      - light.stair_fairies
      - binary_sensor.stair_pir
      - binary_sensor.staircase_lower_door

as well as a number of other groups in the same format.

So you have this in your config?

group: !include groups.yaml

Do you get any errors in the logs? Did you reboot?

Well, this is embarrassing. Just rebooted again and it all seems to work fine now. No idea what was going on there.

Thanks @Burningstone :grinning: