Group Helper improvement to edit the groups options/entities

Suggest to rename “Group Options” in the Settings tab of Group Helper popup window to “Edit Group Options…”.
In its current state it Group Options looks more like a label / heading to the fields below it. Therefore it is not so obvious that “Group Options” is actually a clickable item that lets the user edit the group items.
Changing the name to an active form might help users more intuitively understand that this is where they edit their group. Other visual clues might also work (changing the text into a button, though i guess that requires more work and might not fit the HA user interface style).

Here’s a forum post that shows users that, like me, didn’t understand at first sight that Group Options is the way to edit the groups options:

I’ve just failed to figure out how to edit a group too. It’s a UX fail :frowning:

The crude fix would be to change the phrase to “EDIT GROUP OPTIONS”, but even then I don’t think it’s obvious. A better implementation would be to inline the options into the main window and get rid of the button altogether.


Just to make that sure: Im eternally grateful for all developers that put so much work in this!

However, if so many people (including myself) find it so difficult to find this option, it is a clear indicator that it’s not the user who is at fault, but simply a poor UI-Design.

Why isn’t this handled exactly like in all other places where you can edit a list of entities, like e.g. here: