Grouping Automations on frontend for organization

Probably only looking for the perfect month on the release plan to roll out this feature. Currently it looks like tags are going to make it (“disabled” is a tag). Let’s see when it arrives.

folder and tags would useful, add tags to the automation as an automation could have several tags, but then be able able to organise in your own folder structure


I would be up for color coding at least, I made a mockup in photoshop of what i think it could look like. It’s also not a big departure from what’s currently in place. Colors would be a visual cue to the user that they are looking at a different ‘chunk’ of automations. I think this would be east to implement also

Probably stating the obvious and knocking in open doors, but yes, I would love to see 5he possibility to create folders, like “Lighting”, “Car charging”, “Presence Control” or similar.
I come from a Homey home controller and it have many many drawbacks in comparison, but one really good thing with my Homey was to organize all my different flows (automations) in different folders.
Group tags and stuff are nice and all that, but it doesn’t help to get s cleaner overview, I guess.
Please, just do it. :wink:

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There is also the list of automations for a device. for example:

The order is random. It is not even the order they are created in. :thinking:

Hi all,

if you want a workaround for the grouping problem, try my custom panel which displays automations in a tree view. To create the tree, I use the name from the automation like Floor // Room // Automation.

I posted about the panel here: [Custom Panel] Automations in a tree view

If you want to go direct to the code, check it on GitHub.


I second this proposal also, really good idea. The same goes for Helpers, I guess, and Scenes, Scripts, Blueprints. We have (almost) the same principle in Lovelace these days, in the form of subviews. So it’s like upping some other views to the same standard :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem and automated this through pyscript (Python code). It was somehow better organized but it was code and I lost the visual aspect.

I am now trying to go for Automations (the ones in the UI) but this has the drawback you described.

A tree instead of a flat list would solve the issue immediately

In HA 2021.4 some improvements were made to automation organization, and it seems like the Home Assistant maintainers now considers this feature request implemented (see Github discussion).

In my opinion the changes added in HA 2021.4 are a good start but not nearly sufficient. The problem is that this feature request is no longer considered by the maintainers because it predates the implemented solution.

Creating a new feature request that highlights the problems with the filters as of 2023, and proposes specific improvements might be more effective. That way this will once again be on the maintainer’s radar.

Wow, IF that is the ‘solution’ in response to this thread… it is impressive how one can miss the mark so badly.

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It’s not, I posted a link above to a WIP solution and this isn’t marked as completed

I apologize in advance for the poor text. He was translated by Google…
I think that the current view of the list of automations is quite convenient, except for some problems. The biggest problem is finding and structuring automations. The developers have already added several features to filter automations by spaces, devices, and objects. This helps to some extent but is still not universal and creates confusion when looking for the right automations. Why is that? It seems to me because everyone creates and groups automations according to their own logic. I think in this case the best solution would be to simply add a TAG field to the automation edit page. You can add as many tags as you want to the field, for example - #gps, #telegram, #phones. And already during the search, it will be possible to set the search for one or more tags. In the future, you can improve this functionality by adding a different line color for each tag or a picture, etc.

I was looking in my automation for one automation, spent on this few minutes to find it so I though about some grouping option and I am here.

Please consider some option to group automation it will help a lot.

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i would love to have something like this, i actually came to this forum to ask for this feature:)

This is awesome… I am very surprised more people arent talking about this!

I think this is a good idea overall, but treats the symptom rather than the issues.

If we make good use of triggers/trigger_ids, we can reduce the sheer number of automations and keep things more tidy in the first place.

hence the idea: Use trigger IDs by default in automations - #3 by richard.wonka

Here’s a related, but slightly different angle:

Use trigger IDs by default in automations - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (

Maybe June will be the month of grouping automations :crossed_fingers:

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+1 for this

This thread started in 2019.
What year is it??? (add jumanji meme here).

Whats the official process that announces if a Feature request gets implemented? Shouldn’t there be a Moment where the developer teams says “great, we will do that”?
Or they close the thread and say “sorry guys, wont do that for sure”.

Or is it simply waiting and hoping for it?
My automation section looks like a five year old named his 100 Lego figures based on their looks.

Don’t tell me about which naming convention makes the most sense. We need grouping /Tagging.
Or as my scrum Master would say “stop talking, give me a Implementation date”.

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