Grouping Automations on frontend for organization

It would be very nice if we could add a group tag, or create “folders” to sort and organize the automations that are created in the front end.

Maybe even add the option to sort, filter, search based on the content of the automations, like the trigger platform, or the action data.

I mean on the automations configuration page, where you build them from the frontend


I’m surprised people aren’t jumping on this one. This is really needed!


I guess there are only 3 votes because the title is not clear…
Should be not so difficult to add a filter in the Configuration/automation page.

Greets Jörg

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Yes, exactly my thought. ATM I title my automation like this pattern: “[ROOM] [ENTITY] Trigger description”
The automation overwiew will be very large especially when you handle remotes. A grouping option would be nice.


Yes. +1

I use a “area prefix”, but searched for this request because it would be a great improvement. Link to areas and filter on name/entity.

I have many automations in the UI under configuration, I sometimes have trouble finding the ones I am looking for and just loose overview.

I would love to see a feature in the UI to group Automations in a dedicated folder/topic.
e.g. if I have a lot of light automations (and there is no way of integrating these into one automation) group them under a specified topic like “Light Automations” or anything else.
And this group should be collapsable and expandable like a folder tree.

Other examples for grouped automations could be a topic for switches or vacation automations etc.



I’ve been using node-red for all of my automations for a quite some time now.

I needed to add an automation quickly whilst away, so I thought I’d try the automation editor as I really haven’t looked at this for the longest time. It is also almost impossible to work with node-red on a mobile.

I have to say, I was massively surprised at how easy it was to add a simple automation. Very user friendly, and of course very easy to use on a mobile device.

The problem I see is that the UI needs to have some sort of folders or groups to nest automations under.

When I first started using HA, I edited the YAML files directly, and it was easy to add the files to separate folders, and it would be ideal to do something similar in the UI.

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Thanks for that link, as is mentioned by others in that post, it’s specifically in the configuration > automations page that I am talking about, not in the Lovelace front end.

It would just be very handy to nest an automation under a title or folder etc. This would make this area way more helpful than it currently is for front end use.

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When creating automations, sometimes it’s necessary to create many that do nearly the same thing. Turn the garage lights on when the door opens, turn them off some time after the door closes. Turn on the porch light when the door is unlocked, or when there’s motion, or when the doorbell rings, etc.

This means the Automation Editor is filled with rules, often in pairs, that relate to a single concept, but are only listed alphabetically.

  • Entryway Lights Off
  • Entryway Lights On Lock Failure
  • Entryway Lights On Unlock
  • Entryway Lock Autolock
  • Garage Door Warning
  • Garage Lights Auto Off
  • Garage Lights Auto On
  • Porch Lights Auto Off
  • Porch Lights Auto On

This creates a bit of an organizational headache since the alphabetical nature of the list means the naming has to be as awkward as it is strict or it ends up like Home Assistant’s junk drawer.

I would love some sort of grouping feature to collect common rules together. This would allow the names to be both more natural and descriptive. The improvement in organization would also make it more natural to create more simple rules instead of fewer complex rules.

Lastly a simple toggle to turn on/off all the automations in a group would be great. The current workaround is to create (and maintain) a Lovelace card, but having it all managed in the Automation Editor with the ability to call something like automation_group.turn_on automation_group.den_lights would be a sizable improvement.

  • Entryway Lights =>
    • Turn on lights when door is unlocked
    • Turn on entryway and porch lights when bad code is entered
    • Turn off porch lights after 30 minutes
  • Lock Front door after 30 minutes
  • Garage Lights =>
    • Turn on garage lights when GD is open
    • Turn off garage lights when GD has closed for 30 min
  • Garage =>
    • Send Notify when door left open for 30 min
    • Close GD on notification response

I have started using the automation ui editor and it is quite good. With old yaml files though I could group automation by using spaces and comments throughout the file to make it more organised. It would be cool if you could make a folder or group of automations that effect a certain room or person.

A simple feature but would be very helpful and much improve the look of the automation ui when you start creating many automations.


Hi all,

I love HA and I’m extensively using it to automate my home. I’m close to 100 automations now and it becomes painfully crowded in the automations section of Lovelace. Hence, wouldn’t it be nice to have sort of a expandable folder/group structure to organize this list? Currently I established a naming convention in my personal setup to keep track. However, navigating the list is still inconvenient.

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How about using this?

I would concur with Kugelfang’s request. While bachya’s proposal is potentially helpful, I do not generally create representations of the automation entities in my Lovelace UI. However, when editing automations, it does often take a while to track down the one that I am looking for. If I could have classifiers for things like garage, curtains, media, etc., it would be helpful.

Having a long lit of rules it would be great to be able to great groups of automation rules that could be broused into in Lovelace. This would make it easier to manage them in the UI. I could but for example pladäce automations that apply when I am not home in one group, automations that monitor conditions of various home infrastucture in annother and so on.

Hey everyone!
I’m quite new in Home Assistant but I’ve already fallen in love with it.
I believe one of the most important options in HA is the Automations (if not The most important). After all, that’s mainly what smart home is all about.

That’s why I think it deserves a better page in the interface, that allows us to group related automations, and preferably, let us refer to them as groups too (but even just as UI interface it would be great).
I designed an example of how I think it could look, and I would love to help make it happen.
What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:


When clicking on the Plus (+) button you’ll be asked to select either an automation or a group.


Not sure If I want exactly your design (no offence) but I do agree that this would be a really great addition!