Growatt Integration Reporting last value when inverter shuts down

When the inverter no longer has enough power from the solar, it shuts down but reports the last known value, in HA this is a persistant 6w or so shown until the inverter wakes up the next day.

Is there any way to make this value zero ?

Hi @cspiby,

Firstly, let me say “hi”, I’m Chris aka ‘muppet3000’ who maintains the Growatt Integration for Home Assistant.

Secondly, sorry for the massive cross-post on all the forum topics with ‘Growatt’ in the title, it was just easier to copy/paste this everywhere.

Thirdly, I didn’t realise how many forum posts there were for Growatt and the Integration!!! I must admit I find the forums very difficult to follow and navigate so I don’t spend much time here.

I mainly wanted to post to draw everyone’s attention to the following info:
1 - I’ve started maintaining the Integration primarily as a ‘custom integration’ which you can find here
2 - There’s a handy Info page for the custom integration here
3 - I will periodically roll up changes from the custom integration into the Core one in Home Assistant but this will not be very regularly
4 - There’s a prioritised list of bugs/feature requests that I’m working on here
5 - There’s a more thorough reasoning for my decision to move this into a custom integration here
6 - One thing that’s missing from the Feature Requests etc. is the addition to configure systems - I’m working on it, but it’s a background task until I have added support for all the different types of systems - Add ideas here if you have thoughts on what you’d like to be able to do.
7 - If you want to log issues or feature requests please do it here - Only there and in the Home Assistant Core repo will I actually see them, like I said I don’t actively monitor the forums, so the official repos are the best places!
8 - Please don’t assume that I’ve read this thread in a huge amount of detail, if feature requests etc. that have been requested in this thread are still relevant, please log them over on the new git repo here and I’ll get them prioritised - PLEASE read through the issues already logged first to check you’re not duplicating requests.

I hope all that makes sense, I’ve marked this thread as ‘watching’ so I’ll get notifications if people respond etc. but getting hold of me via the git repo issues section is the best way.


NOTE - More specifically on your request - I’m actually working on fixing this currently see here: BUG - TLX & Inverter Systems - Output Power does not return to 0 overnight · Issue #14 · muppet3000/homeassistant-growatt_server_api · GitHub