Growatt Integration - Prioritised List of Features for Implementation/Fixing

Hi All,

I’m one of the primary maintainers of the Growatt Integration for Home-Assistant. I’ve made various promises over the last year or so to implement various bits of missing functionality etc. etc.
I have finally found the time to sit down and collate all of the items and prioritise them based on 2 key factors:

  1. Ease of implementation/fix
  2. How long ago the issue was raised and promises were made about implementing it

For each item that is listed here there is a corresponding Github issue for it. I may need to reach out to various people in order to access their Growatt systems in order to make the integration work in their scenarios, if I’m delayed in being granted access then I’ll move onto the next item in the list.

I’d like to remind everyone that this is something I work on in my spare time only, I can’t promise timescales etc. but I can promise that I take this stuff seriously and want to get the most out of this integration for everyone.

My plan is to keep this top level post as something that I will continually edit with updates to priorities and implementation progress.

If there are items that I’ve missed then drop a comment below and I’ll work to get it prioritised. So, without further ado, the mega list (in priority order):

Github ID HA Core URL HACS URL Short Summary System Type Status
81951 Growatt_server integration not able to pull data from servers · Issue #81951 · home-assistant/core · GitHub N/A Growatt servers blocking access to calls due to User-Agent field All Resolved with upstream library fix (2022.12.1)
80905 Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is coming from battery · Issue #80905 · home-assistant/core · GitHub N/A Double counting of import from grid energy Hybrid Resolved (2022.11.3)
80003 Not all Growatt sensors are available in Energy Dashboard · Issue #80003 · home-assistant/core · GitHub N/A Totals missing from the energy dashboard for TLX systems MIN/MIC/MOD aka TLX Resolved (2022.11.3)
81470 Growatt integration missing but basic entities · Issue #81470 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #12 Battery info/sensors lost since recent Growatt API changes MIN/MIC/MOD aka TLX Partially implemented/Fixed (2022.12.7), will have further additions in the future
81393 Growatt integration: output-power not returning to 0 before day change · Issue #81393 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #14 Output power not going to 0 overnight MIN/MIC/MOD Investigating
51660 Growatt server integration partially working · Issue #51660 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #11 Lack of support for Max/Mid inverter type MAX/MID Reaching out for Credentials
78149 Growatt integration - Not obtaining all sensors/entities · Issue #78149 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #13 Lack of support for ‘AC Couple’/SPA3000 inverter type AC Couple aka SPA3000 Open
78117 #11 Likely duplicate of 51660, jolaca01 seems to have a slightly different issue though TBD Open
77232 GroWatt - AC Couple Inverter Type Failing · Issue #77232 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #13 Lack of support for ‘AC Couple’ AC Couple Open
81737 Growatt batteries not showing in integration. Only 1 data logger had been picked up · Issue #81737 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #13 Values for batteries missing in installation TBD Open
82090 Growatt Integration MIN/MIC/MOD type missing Battery details · Issue #82090 · home-assistant/core · GitHub #12 MIN/MIC/MOD missing battery info (maybe related to 81737?) MIN/MIC/MOD Open
84184 Growatt Server - Can not add integration · Issue #84184 · home-assistant/core · GitHub N/A Users unable to add integration TBD Resolved - Non-issue

The following issue also deserves an honourable mention because I did take a crack at implementing a workaround for it last year and then gave up, but I’d like to track it:

Github ID URL Short Summary System Type Status
56500 Energy dashboard showing total solar production as consumed solar · Issue #56500 · home-assistant/core · GitHub Min/Mic & TLX systems have their lifetime_energy_output reset to 0 overnight and then back to the correct value in the day Min/Mic & TLX Closed - Inactivity

UPDATE - With recent challenges interfacing with Growatt I have made an additional post here: Growatt Integration - Roadmap outlining my plans going forward.

Since 07/02/2023 (7th Feb) Growatt have started implementing rate limiting and blocking to user accounts that make excessive API calls i.e. this integration. There is an extended discussion around it here.

If you’re interested in the short version read these posts: first, second, third

The recent developments throw into question the long-term viability of this Integration, please see the ‘third’ link above for the proposed plan.

Really appreciate you looking into these, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi muppet. thanks for doing this update… looking forward to the future of growatt HA interegration, any chance that you might look on implementing inverter settings and charging times from GitHub - muppet3000/PyPi_GrowattServer. That would be really nice :smiley:

Thank you @muppet3000.
Is there any chance you could include this one as well:

Github closed it automatically for inactivity.

Yes, although not until I’ve completed the implementation of all of the above, I’d like to get to a point where everyone is able to get their info first rather than add extended functionality for the systems we already support.
If you’re interested though, I have a separate stand-alone script that runs as a docker container here: GitHub - muppet3000/growatt-weather-based-charger: A tool for configuring overnight charging (i.e. during off-peak periods) for Growatt inverters that have storage capacity (batteries) based on the predicted solar generation for the day

There’s also some interesting work some other people have done in this forum post: Growatt Inverter Mode Switch - #24 by martinm

I recommend following the status of Growatt server integration partially working · Issue #51660 · home-assistant/core · GitHub (51660) as it’s a duplicate of that ticket.
Once we have support for the max/mid system type then we’ll be all good.

Thank you.

Do you know if anyone tried reaching out to the Growatt people see if they would be interested in supporting this work? Just thinking it might be good to have them helping, even if just with upcoming changes they might be planning to the server.


Hi to All.
First of All, thank you for your great work.
Sorry for my question, but I cannot find the Mod TL3-X converters or ARK HV battery Systems in the List. Can someone told me if this components are in the Integration List or should we Start a New github report? Sorry for my question, but i am realy New here. The actuel Integration of this products doesn’t Shows something about the battery State und also the converter data are very slim.
Thanks and greetings,

I’ve never tried reaching out to them, other than for support issues. AFAIK they’re a Chinese company with pretty shoddy customer support, so I’d be surprised if we ever heard an official response :slight_smile:
The other risk is that if they actually engage with us and they don’t really like all the extra calls to their API then they find a way of shutting it down altogether.

Hi Markus,

It’s unlikely that we have support for that yet, however I can check if you can tell me what type of system the growatt UI shows you as having, this this:


Once I have that I can compare it against what we actually have support for.

Okay, perfect.
MIN/MIC/MOD is the entry by device type.

That’s interesting, that’s a device we do have support for. I’d recommend adding a new report on Github detailing what the issue is and I’ll then add it to this list.

I have 27 entries and 2 Devices, but no battery data and no historic values like own consumption, load consumption, feed into grid or something like that. Therefore, i have o lot of temperatures, voltages und frequenz for the both input strings.

Can be added also UE series inverters

@muppet3000 I have cracked some SPA details



hope this helps

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Hi Everyone!

As discussed in more detail here I have started the process of moving the Growatt Server integration out of Home Assistant Core and into a custom integration. This will allow for much faster responses when there are issues with authenticating against the Growatt Servers as we’ve seen in recent months.

Over the next few weeks I will be removing the Growatt integration from the Core repository of Home Assistant, however, to give people time to switch over to the new integration I have already published it here (new repo) with a comprehensive guide on how to install it (it’s quite straight forward).

Once you have it installed, delete the previous integration and then switch to using the new one, step-by-step with pictures here

IMPORTANT: The new integration is the only place that new fixes & features will be released

Next steps:

  • The documentation here (growatt_server) will be updated to recommend using the new integration instead
  • The existing bugs against the Growatt integration in Home Assistant will be migrated/copied to the new repository
  • New features & fixes will be worked on

I apologise for the inconvenience that this causes, however it’s in the interest of the stability of Home Assistant Core as well as the ability to provide swift responses to issues in the plugin that I’m making this change.

Any questions related to this, please add them as issues on the new repo here (issues) and I’ll respond as fast as I can.


Update - I’ve updated the top level post to now include links to all of the equivalent bugs in the new HACS repo for this integration