Gstreamer or mopidy for audio out


I’m working through setting up Home Assistant (HassIO) to play audio through. Reading this board there appears to be two paths, Mopidy vs Gstreamer to achieve these features.

The documentation of gstreamer was leading me to believe, by its omission of any explicit reference under Setup, that hassio wasn’t supported (or maybe no additional steps are needed?] [1]

The results documented for mopidy appear to show success [3], I have been pursing this but do not know if this extra add-on is creating unneeded complexity.

Is there a recommended path for using with Home Assistant? [1] [2]
TTS using built in RPi3 analogue audio output with Hassio? [3]

Gstreamer did not work for me. I am running HassOS 3.13 and Home Assistant Core version 0.107.1.

When I add gstreamer to my yaml via the gstreamer instructions of the Integrations doc site, I get an error when I ‘check config’:

   Platform error media_player.gstreamer - No module named 'gi'

And I rebooted and tried anyway, nothing good.

And I tried bestlibre’s mopidy also. It works but I had to change it. And it may not be supported so I cloned it and made a new one

See Mopidy Media Player Addon for HassIO behind SSL proxy

I’m using a minimal MPD / ympd combination to play sound from the audio jack.

You can check it out here:

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