GUI is Unresponsive After Some Time on iOS before Page Refresh (Pull Down) or Force Close/Open App - How To ID and Fix?

I’ve noticed a strange issue with my instance of Home Assistant when interacting with it from the iOS app - after a period of time, it becomes unresponsive to commands.

e.g. if I toggle a Z-wave light switch, the app indicates that I’ve made the change, but the actual action does not happen. If I then refresh the page (pull down for it to fresh the view of the page), the page reloads and if I then take the same action, it actually happens (light goes off in this example).

I’m only seeing this on iOS on iPhone, but I do not see this on the iPad version or via a browser. Currently running iOS 15 on both and HA on 2021.9.7, but I’ve noticed this for some time.

How do I best go about troubleshooting this to identify what is causing the iPhone app to time out? ideally, I’d like to not have to force close the app or refresh the page when I want to do something quickly in Home Assistant via the app. I’m assuming there are logs that may be helpful, but I’m not sure where even to begin. Any pointers in helping troubleshoot this issue would be helpful. Thanks!

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I’m also seeing this, have you had any luck? I think it started with. Ios15 betas but hasn’t improved with public release

I am seeing this too on iPad.
For example, on occasion if I go to the Energy page, and nothing updates.
I then try turning something on / off, but nothing happens.
A force close fixes it.

yeah, I see the same on all of my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), both on latest version 15.0.2.

While a force close “fixes” it in that session, I’m hopeful we can find a way to make the app work without having to force close it every time I open it to take an action on my home.

See here

We should combine it

not only ios have this issue, not the same issue of ios app freezing, just no action triggered. I’ve also noticed it on Edge browser on Windows PC. is it a bug of the frontend?

No idea, something is not right there. Where do we submit this as a bug?

there is already a bug opened on github

The issue started with iOS 15 on iPad… the UI does not refresh (sensor data), buttons or sliders react but do not show any function.

Since the update yesterday to 15.1 I do have the feeling is now better
Can someone confirm?

Just realised there was as well a supervisor update yesterday.

It seems to be better since iOS 15.1 or supervisor update but still from time to time the issue is there

This is still an issue.
HA and the compagnon app up to date.