iOS 15 Beta (and Public Release) - Safari/Companion App Freezing

Obviously when running beta software i understand the risks and I’m not really looking for resolution just wanted to confirm that it is likely related to the beta and not another issue…
it seems since running the beta the HA web interface freezes and becomes unresponsive after a couple pages of navigation … often times I can change pages in the view but it will have “stale” info, like not update a sensors current state or button presses stop working… I have also noticed it in Safari so it seems like maybe it’s a WebKit issue and nothing to do with the companion app itself… (but I am yet to see the issues in other pages/websites) I have to then quit the app or close the browser tab for a few seconds then it will work again but. I’m thinking it is occurring more often when returning to a previously opened companion app or browser tab but haven’t narrowed it down just yet.

Just looking to see if anyone else on the iOS 15 beta has ran into similar issues.


I am seeing the same thing on iOS 15 - I’m assuming at this point that the iOS is the issue - and I’ve noticed that the “info is stale” when I refocused the app.

I often have to pull down to refresh to get things working again.

I’ve also noticed that some notifications seem to be coming in a little late.

You already found a solution for this?
I’m seeing the same.

I have the same issue
With iOS 15 beta.
And, now, with iOS 15 official updated 1 hour ago.

Same issue. I just updated to iOS 15 yesterday and the data is definitely stale or outdated when opening the app back up from a background state. Pulling down to refresh the screen fixes it.

Yes, I have been using the Beta for a long time and can also confirm

I have the same issue with iOS15…
Someone who knows a solution?

Same issue here, front end toggles appear to work but nothing happens until I refresh

I see a couple of you guys already found this…
I suppose we would need to figure out the common denominator here as clearly not everyone is having the issue and we really haven’t given the dev much to go on…

  • iOS 15.0 (Public Release) updating to 15.0.1 tonight
  • iPhone XS
  • Home Assistant Companion Beta 2021.10 (2021.243)
  • Maybe it’s a Lovelace Custom Component thing?

I have no idea why I still have this Dwains stuff loading I haven’t even looked at that in awhile just tested it once… :grimacing: that will be removed

So if anyone else can share some details, or let me know what other information I could provide that may be useful… we all have to have something in common…

I have just published my configuration in github issue.

Same here.

Did the update today fix it?

Same here! Same issue…

I don´t see any iOS Companion update in Apple Store.
Do you mean Home Assistant Core?
Did you tried this update?

Same issue here on a 11pro with 15.0.1

Here’s another GitHub issue in frontend repo…

not sure which is the more appropriate place… anyone having these issue on Android or other browsers? Or is it iOS only

I have updated to the latest companion app (2021.10) and Home Assistant is on 2021.10.0 and OS is version 6.4 on a RPi4. iOS is 15.0.2.

The same thing happened again this morning where I opened the app from the background and when I clicked on a light button nothing happened. I dragged down from the top of the screen to refresh and then I was able to click buttons to turn lights on.

I will try updating Home Assistant to the latest software and the OS and post back here.

Update - I upgraded to the latest Home Assistant version 2010.10.5 and OS v6.5 and it still did it.

Exactly same behavior for me :frowning: What I noticed is that app have some issues when switching between networks (even between different access points on same SSID network). As long as connection is stable it works perfectly, as soon as I move around house and phone is roaming between APs (or I move out of house and it switches to LTE) the only way to get app back to work is to refresh view… Given that… I’m not sure if this is appp or new iOS issue.

ah. I guess you are right.
If I change the network, I have to refresh the app, otherwise nothing is responding.
Might be a issue with the change of the connection

I’m going to have to pay attention to this as I probably often am going from one AP to another(also same ssid, uap-ac-pros, and 1 ac-m)… I’ll try to see if that’s when it is happening for me also.