Guide to automate Indian homes

Guide to automate :india: homes using HA. This is the story of how I converted my dumb appliances into smart devices.


Although I have written this article keeping in mind about the Indian environment, it should hold true for most of the countries in Asia and Europe. Wouldn’t have been possible without: @Dr_Zzs, @TheHookUp1 and @JuanMTech videos on Youtube

Kudos to you guys :partying_face: :balloon: :tada:

Hi. Good write up. Join us at Telegram group. We are 30 odd individuals on the Home Automation India group. It’s a non commercial- hobbyists , DIYers group.
PM me for the group link.


It’s sad that people in India don’t take initiatives automating their homes. I am sure there are more of us. Anyways I have PM’ed you for Invite. :slight_smile:

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Can you please DM me the telegram details. I am interested.

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A good write up. and, yes, people in India are not really interested in taking up the automation route, and we don’t have access to many products as well. I am glad to find likeminded individuals here, from India. Keep up the good work.


Hey, can you DM me the telegram group details. Being a home automation DIYer from India, I would love to be a part of it.

Hi can you please send the request for the diy automation group.?

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Sent via DM. Welcome to our small hyperactive community.

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Great Article,

New to automation and pretty sure many people would be interested to learn and setup at their home.

Created telegram group for sharing knowledge and helping each other.

We have a now moved to discord. Feel free to join HA India group Invite

Thank you for appreciating

Hi sorry to bother you again. The discord invite seems to have expired. Could you please share it again? Thanks

Hi @Puneit_Thukral

Nice to know about the telegram group. Let me know the details to join.



Hi we moved to discord now
Here is the invite HA India

Thanks a lot for sharing the discord invite @Puneit_Thukral
The link is not working. Can you please share again?

Hi, try these invite codes


Or connect with me over discord - id Puneit#2433 and I will manually add you

@Puneit_Thukral can we all plan for a virtual meet? It will be good to know each other.

Yes sure. We can do a Discord meet or Zoom. Are on HA India discord

Hi all, I would like you all to invite read a recent article written by me on LinkedIn regarding my thoughts on how we should shape our future Smart Home using Augmented Intelligence. I am sure many of us want a lot of automations to happens but writing or creating complex automations requires time and overcome the boredom that we gather over time.

Here is the link :point_right: Life with Complex Automations

I would love to answer any questions that you might have or have a healthy discussion.

Looks like the invite has expired. Can anyone send me the link again?