H801 with Tasmota configuration help


I just flashed a H801 led controller with the Tasmota firmware. Being new to MQTT I was hoping for a few pointers. I have my led strip connected to W1 on the H801 controller. Can someone help me create a working configuration? Currently the switch just toggles back to off in the HA interface, so I guess I did not add it correctly.


I replied on the other thread:


Tnx a lot @namadori! will try that! let you know if it did work!

Thanks for your help @namadori!

I changed to your suggested config but it does not seem to work yet. Did you also change the full topic code in the sonoff MQTT configuration?



Super I got it working!

This is my config for other people

- platform: mqtt
name: "Keukenledstrip"
state_topic: "stat/keukenled/RESULT"
state_value_template: '{%- if value_json["PWM"]["PWM5"]| int > 0 -%} 1023 {%- else -%} 0 {%- endif -%}'
command_topic: "cmnd/keukenled/PWM5"
on_command_type: 'brightness'
brightness_state_topic: "stat/keukenled/RESULT"
brightness_command_topic: "cmnd/keukenled/PWM5"
brightness_value_template: '{{value_json["PWM"]["PWM5"]}}'
brightness_scale: 1023
qos: 0
payload_on: '1023'
payload_off: '0'
retain: true
optimistic: false


Thanks a lot for your help!

Glad you sorted it out. Just a notice: with your Sonoff configuration you are using the W1 and W2 output as a single logical unit. If you need to use them as independent channels, you should set GPIO4 to PWM4 and GPIO14 to PWM5.


The new Tasmota has different options. Does anyone have any experience how this is supposed to be setup?