HA 0.84 iOS - "Overview" broken on older iPhones iPads [SOLVED]

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I’m using HASS more than a year now, and I’m trying to be a faithful upgrader. In our household, we have nice mix of mobile devices; iphones 5s, 6, 8 and some versions of iPads (version 2, 3 and 4).

Since the upgrade to 0.84, the “Overview” screen no longer works in the iOS apps (only) for our older iPhones (5s) and iPads (2 and 3). (Note: the same problem occurs on in the iOS 1.5 beta app, as in the official release version 1.1.1)
Restoring to HASS 0.83.3 restores the functionality, so it seems that something got broken in 0.84.0). I’ve also tried out versions 0.84.1 -> 0.84.3, but they do not resolve the problem…
The other views (“Map”, “Logbook”, etc…) are functioning normally, so it only concerns the “Overview” view…

Thanks for looking into this…
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Are you using Lovelace or the older Polymer UI?

I’m using HA ok on my iPad 3rd gen without issue, but not using Lovelace however


I had that issue with my iPhone (iOS 9.3.3) and Hassio 0.84. I’m running 0.84.3 and it seems to be working now.

I’m also running the homeassistant iOS app 1.5 (32)

Try updating and let us know if it doesn’t work still.


Hi Codec303,
no, I’m not using Lovelace… also, when trying to start the “Try out the new Lovelace UI” from the About-menu (accessible under the info-button in the app), the app complains that “Lovelace-UI.yaml is not accessible”…
Not sure if this could be related…
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I did all that but no joy…
Here is a screenshot of what I see…
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Tried deleting content/cookies and refreshing?


Hi David,
not sure where I should delete the cookies/content… I’m running this in the HA-iOS app…


It uses Safari I believe. So it’s in settings app. If you have chrome then delete there as well. Which iOS version are you on?


OK, David,
I tried your suggestion, but no joy… the funny thing is that with Safari I can login to my HASS instance and see the “Overview”.
To complete the information, my iPad runs iOS v.10.3.3 (last supported version for this version of iPad), but works without any problem with HASS 0.83.3…
I did another test to rule out a faulty configuration file; I removed my configuration.yaml and restarted HASS. Again no change; on other devices there is an “Overview” pasge with content, while on the old iPad nothing shows up.
So, to be honest, I believe something got broken in the last versions (as from 0.84 onwards)…


Are you running the beta version of the iOS app? If not, you should be. You can also go to the discord chat ios section and let the devs know there and they might be able to assist.


Hi David,
yes, I tried both versions…
I’ll contact the people in the iOS-chat, and will revert if the solution is found…
Thqnks for your help,


Hi there…
unfortunately, no change in the situation… no reponse @ Discord.
I am wondering if anyone has the same problem as me … or if I really would be the only one?
Thanks for any feedback on this…
and … a very happy New Year to all!


I am having the same issue. iPhone X running IOS 12.1.2 and home assistant 0.84.6. I just updated to 0.84.6 and the issue started occurring right away. The iOS app will not show the Overview screen, but every other screen is accessible.

I have signed out / signed back in
I have uninstalled / reinstalled the app


Hi guys,

finally solved the issue (at least for my own case)!
The cause of the problem was the use of the “legacy authentication”. I resolved the issue by using a user based login. That worked for me…

Thanks for everyone’s input,