HA/Addon update progress bar for HA Supervised (aka HassIO)

I added a progress bar to HA update.
It is working for addon install/update too.
Lightblue line shows docker downloading, blue line shows docker extracting.
What do you think?


That’s one nifty addition to HA! Love these little details. Are you planning to merge this in the project?

Yes, just want to give some feedback/idea first.

It’ll need to be themable …

It is using colors from the theme

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Looks good! When can we get access?

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I would definitely like that… I always get this feeling of “is it really happening?” When I click update…

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Is there any progress on this development? Would love to see the effect.


What happened to this? I feel its a simple addition yielding a lot of power.

Hope this could get added one day, cheers!

please. this is needed badly

Strange that this isn’t already a thing. I was hoping at least to have the option to add this in HACS

seems to be stalled, they said it was going to be merged but now it’s 2023 and it sure doesn’t seem like it

pvizeli commented Aug 18, 2020

Yep. I started a draft #1946

I think after this is finalized and implemented, we can move forward with this. :+1: