HA + Alexa: Custom Skill - Get and use Alexa custom slot in HA

Hi guys,

I created a skill (custom) in Alexa in order to manage “manually” some interactions with alexa

I created an intent “OpenMyCoverIntent” with a custom slot “room” ( representing the room where the cover is)

When I’m saying “Ask Home Assistant to open the kitchen cover”, alexa generate the perfect request ( right intent detected and slot “room” is defined with value “kitchen” (utterance is OK)

I just want to now how to define the confirmation speech in HA to say “OK, closing the “room slot” cover”

I will adapt this later for a more complete and sexy behaviour.

In the configuration.yaml , I have today:


than later:
type: plain
text: OK, I'm closing the kitchen cover

(All the tricky job is to get the slot name in the python config file in order to change “kitchen” by the slot name dynamic sent by the Alexa cloud…

Many thanks !

I found the answer on the forum !!!

No need to answer again

Here the answer !