HA and Grafana: Get rid of NULL values in InfluxDB

Hey all.

I have setup Grafana in HA using the InfluxDB addon and it’s working really nice. In configuration.yaml I have used the sample from (a) to include all numerical sensors. However, this setup seems to create a lot of NULL value entries for sensors that are not being updated very often. For instance a new entry in InfluxDB is generated every 2 min. with (timestamp, value=NULL), where the sensor updates only like 2x per day. This seems to create a lot of consumed storage and overhead over the time.

In the SQLite database of HA (which I inspected with the SQLite Web addon) there do not seem to be such NULL value entries.

Any ideas to get rid of these NULL values in InfluxDB? I could not find any solution in (b), however I am not proficient in writing HA templates etc.

Thanks and kind regards, Johannes

(a) Beautiful dashboards for your smart home with InfluxDB, Grafana and Home Assistant » The smarthome journey
(b) Home Assistant Community Add-on: Grafana

Okay, think I missed the GROUP BY / FILL part. Seems there is no null values in the database itself. Never mind, case closed.