HA-Bridge on HASS.IO

I am in the process of moving from Home Assistant to HASS.IO and would like to know if there is a way to implement ha-bridge with HASS.IO? Is there a repo that I can’t find?

I use a number of scripts currently with my Echo Dot’s and Google Home through ha-bridge, so would like to retain this ability with HASS.IO

Thanks to @NotoriousBDG who posted his own thread that includes HA-Bridge. Many thanks!


Will this work with Sonoff-Tasmota ?

I have Sonoffs running without any problems with the same firmware.

Did you add the emulated_hue in the configuration.yaml ? Or not necessary? Thanks for the great work

No, emulated hue is not necessary.


I have just installed Hass.io on Pi3, I have a broadlink RM Pro and Google Home.

What did you do to get your Google Home up and running?

Do I need either HA Bridge or Emulated Hue or both?

Whats the difference?

@inspired I think HA Bridge is a great solution and I use it with my Google Home instead of Emulated Hue.

Just create Bridge Devices from the HomeAssistant Devices tab, I tend to use it to fire scripts rather than just changing states of switches.

Whichever way you go you’ll need to use an older version of the Google Home app too, I set up Ha-Bridge today and used this link for the old apk http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-home/google-home-1-19-29-release/google-home-1-19-29-android-apk-download/


I have successfully setup Google Home app with emulated_hue I had to create a hue account and then paired to the Broadlink RM Pro.

I am using Google Home v1.24.37.7

Why do I need to use 1.19.29?

How do you setup HA-Bridge? what are the steps?



I like the idea of firing of scripts by Google Home voice commands, if I wanted to perform the following with script(s) what would I do:

Turn Boys Aircon on
Turn Boys Aircon off

Can you provide an example of the script that would do this I suppose would need to include a state flag to determine if I have already issued the command to determine if the aircon is already on or off?

The configuration.yaml file I have at present with emaulated hue and broadlink as follows:

friendly_name: “Boys Aircon”

For that you already have a switch. No need for a script. Once you have installed the Ha Bridge add on…

Open the Ha-Bridge web interface.

Click on the Bridge Control Tab

Scroll down and add your Hass Server details.


Go to the new HomeAssistant Devices Tab

Add devices… Save and go to Bridge devices tab to test.

Thanks how do I install HA Bridge on Hass.io? sorry I am getting more familiar each hour but cant find how to install.

Took me a lot more than a few hours to get as far as you have so well done. First you need to add this repository.

Instructions are in the first post of thread.

Then you will see it listed with the other hassio addons

Thanks, glad I am making good progress. I hit a road bump, I have installed HAbridge, removed the emulated_hue code from the configurations file so only got broadlink. I went into the HAbridge web UI now I am stuck.

Where do I go to add the disable discovery?


  • philips_hue

What do I do next? when I go into Google Home to add devices I don’t see HAbridge?

I feel like I am going backwards from where I was with emulated_hue but I am sure I just need to do a few more things but what?

Please help.

In your configuration.yaml just put

  - philips_hue

Doesn’t matter where.

Once you have configured and tested a device as working, like say a simple light you will probably need to unlink the hub you linked earlier. I reinstalled habridge today and had to unlink my previous philips hue hub in the google home app before I could add the new one.

Okay fell like I am starting to get back on track:

Q - Do you have to restart HA everytime you update the configuration.yaml?

Sorry looking back at your post:

Do you mean the section: HomeAssistant Names and IP Addresses?

If so what do I put in Name? I have installed hass.io vanilla.

What do I choose for Dim Controls currently set to none do I change this to pass thru?

I have managed to get through with name HomeAssistant and added and tested the three switches.

I unlinked as you said which worked but there is 6 devices switch.boys_aircon x2 switch.boys_foxtel and 2 x switch.boys_tv

Why is this? is it one for on and one for off?

How do I delete these and start again?

Thanks for your help I think I am getting close.

Edit: Sorry I assume I select Philips Hue in Google Home and pair which works. Then I get double ups.

Yes. You can sometimes do this from the configuration tab and just reload core.

You can put whatever you want in name, useful if you have multiple home assistant setups, which I do but am testing hassio at the moment. Here’s mine currently.

On the devices tab where you can click test and edit you can also delete. I don’t know why you have two for each, what happens when you test them in the tab? You can also rename them, and this name is what you will use to call your action. Turn on ‘boys aircon’ is a lot easier to say than turn on ‘switch dot boys underscore aircon x two’.


The name thing is good.

I have renamed in HAbridge which is okay, I have two for each in Google Home. If I leave them alone and ask Google to Turn Boys Aircon On, it says sorry I do not know which one you want. If I go into each and give a different nickname for example Boys Aircon and Boys Aircon 2 and I say to Google Home Turn on Boys Aircon it works.

How do I delete a device from Google Home?

Edit: What I have done does not work, now if I say google turn on boys aircon 2 it does not first time but then I repeat and it works. (I think this is because I have two devices). I say google turn off boys aircon 2 it does not work first time as it says it does not know which one to choose. Then I repeat google turn off boys aircon 2 and it works.

The problem is that I have duplicate devices in Google Home? I might try to uninstall then re-install as I cannot seem to delete the duplicates.

Are there duplicates due to the on and off switch in the configuration.yaml?

I don’t know sorry, don’t have an aircon. If you unlink the hue in the google home app it should delete devices. Is it possible you still have emulated hue running as well as habridge?