HA can't manage two identical sensors attached via USB

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Weidman Electronic IR sensor to monitor my electricity meter via my Raspberry Pi, which is running Hass.IO. The setup works flawlessly.

However, I encountered an issue when attempting to connect a second sensor (identical) to monitor another electricity meter. Both sensors cease to function once plugged in simultaneously. After extensive troubleshooting, I discovered that both sensors share the same ID, causing confusion for the Raspberry Pi.

Upon accessing my Raspberry Pi/HASS via SSH and running lsusb, I observe the following:

I utilize the EDL21 integration. Could someone please advise on how to configure Home Assistant to differentiate between the two sensors and ensure their proper functionality?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

There seems to be a known issue with two sensors.

Thank you! The error is listed since 2019 and not fixed, since the issue is complictaed.
Any idea how to totally Bypass that problem?

Can I connect the sensor different? Oder use another Integration beides etl21?

Sorry, I am a newbie, got my own EDL21 issue.