HA Companion app for Android Automotive

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Hope this will be solved. Can not see that the functionality with disabling the native mode when not in park, is any different from for example the Spotify-app, with regard to safety. I.e in Spotify, when trying to open settings while driving, a popup tells you that this is prohibited. The only difference I could see is that it looks like the popup in other AAOS-apps, are built in AAOS-functions while the function in HA seams to be built in to the HA-software. If this is correct, maybe Google is more assured its own built-in safety functions?

Was really looking forward to getting all sensors from the car (car-sensors, SoC%, etc.). Polestar does not have an open API.

Hi all, I can’t get the Android Automotive app to login from my Volvo.

It cannot find my Home Assistant server, even if I am on my home WiFi and turn off the car SIM data.

If I try to enter the server address manually I immediately get the error:

“Unable to connect to Home Assistant.

Server or proxy hostname lookup failed, please check that the URL is a valid Home Assistant URL.”

I have had no problem installing the companion apps on other devices, Android and iOS. I’m at a bit of a loss! Any ideas?

this is not an error the app can solve, this needs to be solved on the server end. Its a DNS error coming from the car.

@dshokouhi thanks for that. When you say the server end, do you mean it’s an issue with my Home Assistant server? My assumption (which could be completely wrong) is that if I’m having no trouble connecting from my other companion app installs, I shouldn’t have any additional config steps for the car install.

Are you using a proxy or custom DNS? It’s actually an error you need to solve on the network end. Might be due to how Android automotive handles things differently than Android. The error the app is getting is

If you are using anything custom try to bypass it and connect directly to rule things out using process of elimination.

No, no proxy or custom DNS, I’m wondering if it’s possible that this is a regional issue and network permissions from the car. Not directly relevant perhaps but I’m in Australia and the Volvo API is not supported in the APAC region or the US.

have you tried the IP address directly to rule out a DNS issue elsewhere?

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@dshokouhi thanks for spelling it out for me, tried that and it worked. Really appreciate the help!

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no problem, not sure if its something you can fix though but at least you know where the problem is :slight_smile:

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Is there any update to get them to work on AAOS? because I got only the GPS location, but the battery status and range are not visible or bypass that google limitation?


any update on settings-page/car sensors availability?

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I installed the AAOS companion app in my Volvo XC40. On the home screen of the app I can select the category of the entities to display. This works well for 7 out of the 9 categories, but not for the categories Buttons and Switches. For these I get the message Home Assistant does not respond even after multiple times pressing Wait. It might have to do with the number of entities in these categories (60+).

It would be nice if I had the possibility to just show a selection of the entities on the home screen. I have nearly a thousand entities in my home assistant installation. and only 10 or so are relevant in the car: gate opener, some lights, perhaps a thermostat setting.

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Agree. And may entities that I do not want exposed like that!

Maybe a define special ‘auto’ dashboard with limited functionality while driving?

Any news on it ? ATM this application seems to be completely useless.

this should be fixed now in the latest release, if not please file an issue on github so we can get it corrected.

As of now we still have not heard back from Google if we can re-enable the settings button in the play store build. Now that Labels are part of HA core maybe a good time to consider it as an alternative in the interface :thinking: That would at least give a curated list of entities instead of digging through the domains.

Maybe time to ping google back :wink: these things tend to be left forgotten :frowning:

Any word on the settings button? Currently, HA is not really useful if you need to scroll through hundreds of devices to find the one you’re looking for.

What did you mean by your “Labels” comment? Is there currently a way to filter by Labels in Android Automotive or is that a wish-list item?


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