HA Dashboard on re-used Windows tablet

I’m reusing an older Asus Transformerbook as a HA Dashboard/photo-display. It is the perfect way to re-purpose an older tablet, however I’m having an issue when returning from screen-saver, in that the dashboard takes a long time to respond 30-90s. I’ve tried both Firefox and Edge (in and not in kiosk-modes), but to no avail.
Would love any ideas to look for, the OS is the latest Windows 10, (although 32-bit version).

Make sure network (I presume Wi-Fi) does not shut off when sleeping. Look at device manager for Wi-Fi and make sure it always on.

Change power settings to better meet your requirements. Check here also to make sure network is always on.

How does you normal user prevent to open the Logbuch or Card or the sidebar?

Currently not possible

Maybe there is some custom add-on that allows it

thanks i have found kiosk-mode but this is archivied
and lovelace-wallpanel GitHub - j-a-n/lovelace-wallpanel: 🖼️ Wall panel mode and photo screensaver for your Home Assistant Dashboards
that does the trick for me.
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