HA DNS Question / Problem

I’m using DHCP for HA and have my two domain controllers specified and google as a tertiary. I’m using the HA VM.

DNS Server 1
DNS Server 2

Whenever I try to have HA resolve DNS from zones hosted on my domain controllers it fails. It seems like HA is doing its own recursive lookups and ignoring my specified DNS servers. Is there a way to configure forwarders?

Did you set the DNS servers in System > Settings > Network ?

no, because I’m using DHCP. If I run

ha dns info (can’t recall the syntax exactly)

It shows the DNS servers learned through DHCP.

Is the zone you’re trying to use .local?

yes it is a .local TLD

Right that won’t work. .local is reserved for multicast DNS. Queries for a .local name are not passed to any DNS resolver, they are handled as multicast DNS requests. My post here explains why this change was made:

Note that only .local and single-name hostnames are given this special treatment because they are reserved for MDNS and LLMNR respectively. You are welcome to pick any other TLD for local use and HA will pass queries for it to your local resolver like usual.

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Thanks for the detailed response!

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