HA down/timeout

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HA Down

HA down

I haven’t changed anything on my system and my software is all up to date. Yesterday I notice automations would still work but I couldn’t access my Lovelace homepage from external duckdns or internal raspberry pi 3 IP address. I turned it off then back on and now nothing works (no automations nor landing page). Just times out. I have turned it off a few times and my raspberry po is connected to Ethernet which has fixed this issue in the past by changing the port that’s connected to the router/modem box but nothing has helped. Any advice?

Can you see anything if you go to the new supervisor help page at


It doesn’t load anything

Turning it off and on again will probably make things worse.

You SD card is likely screwed.

Can you ssh in? Access via samba? Ping?

Since it’s running hassio I don’t think I can ssh in. Ping does nothing and I didn’t connect samba.

There is an ssh addon (2 actually!). It is the first thing I install, but I am guessing you haven’t.

If it doesn’t respond to ping then the OS is not even getting to a basic alive level. You could try plugging in an hdmi monitor and see if you get any useful info, otherwise I think it is a new SD card (or ssd preferably) and a fresh install.

I hope you have snapshots :slight_smile:

I have a monitor plugged in and it’s asking for a home assistant login but mine isn’t working

the login at the console is just root, no password.

Thanks! It says that HA is not running and the emergency console logged the recovery failed

Looks like I can run some commands. What do you recommend?

Is this running on an SD card ?

looks like the filesystem is buggered (tech term there :slight_smile: )

Do you have a recent snapshot saved off the pi?

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Yeah! All I did was plug in a monitor and keyboard

What can I do to find out why it is buggered? And I should have one saved

Awesome ! But before you do too much more I’d be plugging the SD card into a PC to see if you can pull off your HA config files ( configuration.yaml / automations.yaml etc )

Crappy SD card / crappy power supply.

SD card issues are pretty common. Best things you can do is 1) make sure your running a recommended power supply and 2) move to a USB HDD / SSD

I had similar issues for years. Finally made the move to USB HDD and was disappointed to find corruption issues not resolved.
It was only while cleaning out the sever cupboard that I realised I’d been powering the Pi off an old 1amp rated Samsung phone charger for all this time.
Doh !

Since changing to a Pi approved power supply its been rock solid ! :crossed_fingers:

Its an SD card, it is expected to fail. Honestly I don’t know how to diagnose the problem, other than to say “bung it in another linux system and do some diagnostics”.

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I already have a tar saved on my mac (what are my next steps) and do you recommend a usb hdd/ssd?

Sure do receommend an ssd!

Is there nothing I can do with root access?

Do you have one you recommend?