Ha installed on thin client, connected to ethernet, also need wifi?

Utter Ha noob here, somewhat technical out of this domain.

Followed YouTube to get HA up and running on a Dell wyse 5070. All good so far, turned off a bunch of bios security and it’s now working on our wired ethernet, and is visible on the wifi on that network. In 5ghz and 2.4 ghz

But we also have a Google nest mesh network, which is where alot of out Iot devices are connected. It is also where most of our mobile devices and all of my wled devices (The reason I started down the HA rabbit hole) are running.

I can’t navigate to homassistant.local:8123 from the mesh network. Only the primary one.

But I can’t talk to wled devices from primary wireless, only the mesh one.

To solve this on my home pc, I just also have it connected to mesh via wifi and primary via ethernet jack.(super easy on pc)

My 5070 has wifi hardware and antennas for this reason, but how do I turn the wifi on and connect to the mesh network in HA?

Only instructions refer to wiffi which only asks for a port to run a server on…

I’m very confused. I’m starting down a broad viewing of ‘for noobs’ HA tutorial videos, but while super helpful I doubt will solve this specific issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If the HA host has a WiFi card, simply connect it to the WiFi network.

Sounds like you have either two completely seperate networks or one network being segmented into a top network and a lower network by a router that should maybe not be there.

Are there instructions on how to do that? I was unable to find it via googleing.

I was eventually able to get these instructions working, had to go in to the # cli to get the WIFI turned on, and then the line on top worked once I figured out that the network names were case sensitive.

network update <interface, for me was wlan0> --ipv4-method auto -- ipv6-method auto --wifi-auth wpa-psk --wifi-mode infrastructure --wifi-ssid <wifi name, in quotes if there’re spaces> --wifi-psk <wifi password>

i also found this which has a video, but didnt’ try it yet

Connecting your HA server via wifi network is the opposite of good practice.

Just fix your network configuration (probably double nat?) and stick to ethernet which is best practice.

I got it all working. If I was going to use Wireless - I would not have Ethernet plugged in. It would be one or the other.