HA KNX integration


Working on my first integration of KNX into Home Assistant. Tried to keep it simple and just want to control a dimmable light by HA app through a KNX Weinzierl 732 secure IP interface connected to a Theben KNX 64 Dali gateway (with the light on the DALI bus of the Theben KNX / Dali gateway). Light can be fully controlled in the ETS 6 app. All commands entered in ETS are correctly routed through the Theben Dali gateway to the attached light.

After integration of KNX in HA and adding the necessary code in the yaml file I have a dimmable light template on the HA dashboard. Every change I make to the light in ETS 6 is automatically directed to the light template in HA and through the Theben gateway to the light. So the communication from ETS 6 to HA and from ETS 6 to the Dali gateway seems to work without any problems.

However when I change the state of the light (either switch on/off or dim value) in HA nothing happens to the actual light. It looks like the communication from HA to the light via KNX / Dali Gateway has a failure.

Anybody who had the same experience or who can help me to solve this one ? Communication from ETS 6 through the secure IP interface to HA works without a problem (actual light switches and light template on dashboard changes state correctly). However Communication from HA back to the actual light is not functional. When changing the values on the HA dashboard dimmable light template nothing happens to the actual light.

What is your yaml code for the light?

Kept it simple and entered everything (for testing) in the configuration.yaml file:

Loads default set of integrations. Do not remove.


Load frontend themes from the themes folder

themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml

# dimmable light
# color mode: brightness
- name: “Ringen”
address: “1/5/0”
state_address: “1/5/1”
brightness_address: “1/5/3”
brightness_state_address: “1/5/4”

The forum does wonky things when u post code as normal text. Things as indentation matter alot.
As this is about KNX secure @farmio would be the better source :sweat_smile:

Thanks for directing me to @farmio

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If the group addresses you want to write to are using DataSecure, have a look here Understanding KNX date, time, datetime platform usage - #6 by farmio