HA looses connection with Insteon Hub 2

I have HA configured to connect to my Insteon Hub 2. The integration works great most of the time, but with no rhyme or reason, HA will disconnect from the Insteon Hub and the only way to resolve it is to reboot both the HA server and the Insteon Hub. Once both of those come back online, they will resume normal operation. I am paying for the Insteon cloud service along with using it side by side with the HA instance. During the Insteon server shut down, I never had the problem, but now that the server is online, I have to reboot the whole system at least once a week. When the servers did come back online, I did find that I could block the internet from Insteon Hub would keep things online, but now that I have taken that block has been taken of my home router, I have to reboot things once a week. Is there a workaround that has been found other than blocking the internet from the Insteon Hub from connecting to its servers?


There is a known issue where the Hub will lose connectivity to Home Assistant if its allowed to talk to the internet. Block that access on your router/ firewall, or remove the gateway from DHCP for it.

That being said, I am back here once again searching Insteon as mine is loosing connectivity again. I think its different this time, as restarting HA will fix it, for now…

Just a thought as I do not use Insteon Cloud. How are you setting IP address on hub? Could it be that some Insteon update causes it to change? Although that would not explain it coming back on restart.

Or maybe it would if you have a reserved IP address. Insteon update gets applied, device gets new address, device is online but that should not require HA reboot.

Yea…I know of the block the internet access to the hub trick and it does work, but I am also paying for the Insteon Cloud service, so if I were to block access, that would make that not work. Posted to see if there is a fix to the bug causing the issue.

My home router is setting the IP address, but it is a static IP address. It usually happens 1-2 times a week and I have not found the pattern as to when/why it happens. It appears random from what I can see.

Insteon is currently working on a fix for HA losing connection to the Hub 2. It is currently in test.

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