HA-OS Expand Storage

Hello all,

I am using a tiny PC which is a 8GB RAM, has a 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD build-in.
My Home-Assistant OS is installed inside the 128GB SSD. I wanted to extend or expand the 500GB HDD to the primary storage. I am not 100% sure, if I could expand the primary storage to have 128GB + 500GB or I need to mount the storage using mount command. Though I dont think HA-OS allows to edit the /etc/fstab file and hence the mounting process become like impossible.
I would really appreciate, if someone can share their experience and provide some sort of help.

Hello All,

Can anyone can help on this?

Pretty sure that Home Assistant OS can only expand to use the drive it is installed on.

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Why do you need to expand a 128 GB for HA ? Store backups (you can maybe use samba in this case) ? Store security camera recordings using motionEye ? other purpose ?.. Normally 128 GB is way enough for home assistant to run even with a very big install… My install has nearly 900 entities, keeping full backups for about 8 weeks (and replicating on a NAS using SAMBA), keeping history of selected entities for 7 days and the size is around 45 GB.


Perhaps storing one’s music? I have 251G of music.

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The Home Assistant system drive is not an appropriate place to store music.

Yet we keep getting new media functionality all the time.

The ability to mount another disk would be great - I agree a drive separate to the system drive would be best though.


Hello Sir,
Thanks for your response.
Sir I have been using Home Assistant along with Frigate. I have currently connected 4 cameras and continuous recording, due to which the 128GB SSD exhausted on the 6th day. As I am still trying to do capacity check, where in I will be increasing the number of cameras in coming days to understand how much storage space would I required to accommodate more cameras. So initially I though of using some backup system, though I think the issue will be during play back. I will not be able to see video which are not inside my drive. My current system has HDD capacity of 2TB which I surely want to expand. The only reason why I have used SSD is to get my Home-Assistant on a fast storage.
Sir do let me know, if there is anything different I should be doing.

Thank you for the explanation… I am not in the same configuration than yours, as I have camera’s with continuous recording but on my NAS. I tried to use HA to do that (using MotionEye), but it was consuming to much resources, so I decided to move the camera’s on my NAS.

Nevertheless, here is a link where you can find some idea’s and maybe solutions:

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Thank you Sir for the spontaneous response. I will surely check the link and update on the progress. Once again thanks for replying.

HA is not designed to be a NVR.

Use the following HomeAssistant Add-On and have fun with your data forever using the minimum disk space possible thanx to victoriametrics time series database.

Hi @mishrankit9, Did you manage to expand your storage. If so, could you please share on how you accomplish this?
Thank you.