HA OS installation on ARM-64 bit Snapdragon SDA660


I am new to Home automation and HA. I tried installing HA-OS on intel min-PC following the documentation, tips in the forum
etc. It went very smooth, even a person like me with no real programming skills could get HA-OS up and running in no time, I really appreciate
the open-source community for everything they put in to making these possible.

Though, In general i am very happy with HA-OS on Intel mini-PC, the fan-noise is too loud and irritating.

I came across a “Elo Backpack 4 for Android” https://www.elotouch.com/accessories-backpack-4.html” on a local “Ebay” for sub 100$. And started investigating
If it is possible to install HA-OS on this device. As per the data sheet it is ARM-64 bit Snapdragon SDA660, i looked-up a bit on the forum, the closest relevant information
I could find so far was for Rock RockChip 3399 board as a non standard ARM device (RasPI, ODroid) supported by HA-OS Is this the perfect standalone tablet for HA? - #219 by clarkewing
though both are ARM-based i am not sure if installation Image, procedure etc would also work well for SDA660 ?

Another potential option would be to install HA server on Android device, as Elo Backpack 4 comes with Android 10 pre-installed. But not sure of the pros and cons between these two options.
For me having access to the wide range of possibilities (Interoperability, HA-hacks, USB device supported etc) that HA-OS offers is the key reason why i like HA-OS, not
saying that HA installation on Android wouldn’t give the same flexibility but i have no clue.

Any suggestions, pointers, inputs ?

Please kindly consider that i am a newbie, so pls excuse me for my awareness level on these topics.

Thanks in advance to all the contributors :blush:, you all out there are awesome people doing great job !

If you are a Python Guru, you could probably install HA Core on it, but HA OS or HA Container, I don’t think so.

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@Francis, thanks for the response. I am no good in programming, even installing HA core sounds like no option for me.

I agree with @francisp. However, what about replacing the fan on the mini-pc with something quieter like a Noctua fan or something to reduce the noise?