HA Supervised - No Network Interfaces

Hi guys, I’m struggling installing HA supervised on my new server build (I already had another instance before).

I’m running Debian 12 on an Intel n100 system with OpenMediaVault installed.
Docker version 25.0.1, build 29cf629.

It seems that installing HA following the official supervised install guide brings me to a non optimal situation.
Everything seems to work ok, but if I go to Settings>System>Network I see this:

(Note that under Configure Network Interfaces I get nothing)

And if I check via console I get this:

root@homeassistant:~# ha net info
  interface: hassio
host_internet: true
interfaces: []
supervisor_internet: true
root@homeassistant:~# ha dns info
fallback: true
llmnr: true
locals: []
mdns: false
servers: []
update_available: false
version: 2023.06.2
version_latest: 2023.06.2
root@homeassistant:~# ha resolution info
- enabled: true
  slug: dns_server
- enabled: true
  slug: backups
- enabled: true
  slug: docker_config
- enabled: true
  slug: free_space
- enabled: true
  slug: multiple_data_disks
- enabled: true
  slug: addon_pwned
- enabled: true
  slug: core_security
- enabled: true
  slug: network_interface_ipv4
- enabled: true
  slug: dns_server_ipv6
- enabled: true
  slug: supervisor_trust
- context: system
  reference: null
  type: no_current_backup
  uuid: 618fa566ed4a4591b1aad8214c9b79fd
- auto: false
  context: system
  reference: null
  type: create_full_backup
  uuid: 221c5ae025c949edb6549334084637d6
unhealthy: []
- job_conditions
- network_manager

It’s like HA is not assigned any network interface. This is a problem, for example, with AdGuardHome, CloudFlare, or VaultWarden, because they won’t get an IP address assigned, and thus won’t work correctly.

I already tried to run the installer script again, but with no luck.

The system itself has internet access, and can I can ping www.google.com with no problems.

Do you have any advice? Thank you!

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I’m confused on what are your expectations, here.
You have a network adapter configured (enp1s0:

Did you also have supervised before?
Did you checked all the requirements?

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Yes, I had the same setup before.

Yes, requirements are all satisfied.

Before, when I went to the network settings, I could see the ipv4 and ipv6 configuration settings, an I could set a static ip or the DHCP.

In the network info, there is no interface configured. There is no hint of my home network (IP: 192.168.188.X)

Also, now addons can only see internal IPs, so I can’t, for example, use AdGuardHome as a network DNS.

Likely an issue with Network Manager, then.

AFAIK, that’s always the case. I don’t use supervised, but on one HAOS, with the vscode addon:


Would you help me with it? I’m not sure where to look at…

In my previous setup, AdGuardHome could listen to the host ip.

No clue, I use Container and HAOS (for yellow).
I’ve given up on Supervised long ago, it’s just less headaches to manage docker containers myself instead than using addons (yes, really :wink: )