HACS "add custom repository" in settings?

A couple of custom components (e.g. https://github.com/DBuit/light-popup-card) have documentation that state:

HACS installation: Go to the hacs store and use the repo url https://github.com/DBuit/light-popup-card and add this as a custom repository under settings.

Call me stupid, blind, n00b, whatever, but I can’t seem to find where these settings are? I can find options in the integration, but that’s it.

Go to the Integrations page in HACS and select the three dots in the top right corner. Select Custom repositories

Thanks a lot! How could I have missed this.

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I would agree that this need UX improvement. I had to search for the answer too.
Also, the URL field is too short, obscuring the category drop down.

But the option is gone!?!?

That option is still there. Make sure that you’re on the Integrations page inside HACS (if you can see your address bar it should say /hacs/integrations).

I suspect you are on the core Integrations page (/config/integrations) which is different than HACS.


It’s definitely there https://hacs.xyz/docs/faq/custom_repositories

Yes. You are right of course. I will try now to integrate HACS following the instructions.

I let you know the result.

HACS appeared in the drop list but doesn’t install. Going for trial 2😝

What to do if it doesn’t install as it seems?

Make sure that you’re on the Integrations page inside HACS

Okay…there is no “Inside HACS” to speak of, in my case. This morning, it was there. After a few reboots, it’s gone. No HACS whatsoever (except that it couldn’t be installed via notifications). I shouldn’t have to spend an entire afternoon troubleshooting crap that’s not even in my control.

The UX is f-ing terrible! Totally un-intuitive location, and breaks old documentation which tells you to go to Settings.

Once you get it to work, you paste your URL, press Add, and nothing happens. But it does actually add the repo…

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