HACS installing problem via integration "error: Config flow could not be loaded"

I have HACS installing problem via integration.
There is error: Config flow could not be loaded.
How can I do… plz help


  • I don’t know why… just I’ve been restarting and installing again and again, suddenly installation is completed.
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I have the same problem , does anyone know how to fix this please?



What did you do leading up to this? Step by step please.

Hello @nickrout i have the same issue if you could please try and help me?
fresh install of HA on a proxmox hypervisor using this

“wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kanga-Who/home-assistant/master/hassos_install.sh

I have done updates to core and supervisor

then I installed HACS via SSH’ing to my HA virtual machine and running
wget -q -O - https://install.hacs.xyz | bash -

I then rebooted the server

Then I go into Configuration → integrations → “add integration”
select HACS and after about 5 minutes of waiting on the pop up “please wait while the integration is being installed” I get the error pop up “Config flow could not be loaded”

logs only show the one message:

“2021-06-12 21:12:24 WARNING (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.loader] We found a custom integration hacs which has not been tested by Home Assistant. This component might cause stability problems, be sure to disable it if you experience issues with Home Assistant”

please help HA n00b here only set up this week for the 1st time and need HACS for my vacuum

Sorry not a solution, just a me too post. I did the same thing @justahuman33 did and have the same issue. I am running on a pi3 with home assistant os just updated to version 6 (same issue before the version 6 update).

I had the same issue (tried installing last friday).
Today after installing another integration I had no problems installing HACS.

same issue. same steps taken. anyone figure this out?

Look at the post two above yours.

The HACS help did not really help me much. I was doing what it told me to do. However I did finally get it to work. Not sure why, but it could be that I was trying to use the app on my tablet when I was having the problems. I switched to using the web site via a computer web browser (chrome on windows). I don’t know if that was why it worked or the stars just aligned correctly.
Note I ended up having to reinstall Home Assistant and set everything up again (the SD card I was using went bad) and I did the whole thing on the computer web browser and was able to install HACS without a problem.
Hope that helps.

No you were not. Issues · hacs/integration · GitHub is the place to report issues. Not here.

This seemed to be the solution for me too. I installed a couple other integrations, rebooted, and then was able to install HACS successfully. Perhaps there’s a config not being initialized correctly, and one of the other integrations created it?

Same issue/error here. I had an unrelated blueprint and automation that I was tinkering with, but unable to get working correctly. Once I disabled and removed them, then reloaded HACS installed just fine!

Same problem, can’t install Broadlink.

Is there a solution for this bug? Have the same problem: “Config flow could not be loaded” after following the installation steps for HASSIO.

NGINX reverse proxy has 1 minute timeout, Try using the http interface instead of https.

http://<ip of your HA>:8123


After several failed attempts resulting in this error:

Based on the above suggestions, I removed the Google Cast integration, did a hard reboot of the host, then added the Google Cast integration, after which HACS integration installed fast and smooth.


This did the trick for me. Thanks @VMG!

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Timeout was also the reason for my problems with hassio. Using the local address solved it :slight_smile:

Solved it for me too – thanks for the hint!

Is it possible that the process continues in the background and thus some users had the impression that installing other integrations solved the issue, as this would just give the process enough time to finish in the meantime?