HADashboard Tablet Hardware Options

I’ve had good luck using Fire tablets with some modifications. If you’re not afraid to take them apart they can be mounted to a standard 1 gang switch blank with disc magnets and the charging pads can be tapped into and extended out the back.

Here’s a few photos:


Thanks! I just uploaded this theme: https://github.com/AZSupra/HADashboard-Dark-Theme1 Take a look at the files and let me know if you have any questions.

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is that a converter for power in the box?

Yeah. A simple 5v, 1A unit from Aliexpress. While it’s not encapsulated, the design actually has decent isolation from the AC to DC side so I haven’t had any concerns with it. I’ve had one unit running 24/7 for about a year and a half now with no issues and just setup a 2nd a couple months ago.

Awesome, it’s now my go-to skin! Appreciate it!

When someone walks in, I want to light the screen automatically. What’s a good idea?how to make it come true.

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What method did you use to root your Fire 7?

Do you have the new 7th gen or 5th gen? For the 5th I used RootJunky’s SuperTool (found here, guide here) then loaded the Fire Nexus ROM (guide here). If you have a newer version of Fire OS, rooting might be different or potentially disabled if Amazon patched it.


Hi @AZSupra - I really like this skin, and I am trying to implement it.
But I get some 404 errors - any idea on how to solve this?

@AZSupra - I just purchased a HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7 tablet (sceensize 1024x600).
As far as I can tell, your skin should fit perfectly with that screensize. But I am loosing my mind. It seems like when the dashboard loads, it is “zoomed”. The dashboard seems to be larger than the screen.

For instance, the header doesn’t show the clock - it disappears out of the screen. The footer is never shown, because its “below” the screen. I have no idea where to look to figure out what is going on.

Hi I am fairly new to HADashboard, but i think you need to play around with the following configurations to make it fit, these worked on my 8" 1280x800 Chinese Android Tablet (Excuse me if i am wrong :slight_smile: )

widget_dimensions: [115 , 115]
widget_size: [1, 1]
widget_margins: [6, 6]
columns: 8

I am changing the settings to make some changes, but these may help you get started…

Great thread! I’m new to HA and as Thanksgiving is coming and I’m in search for a large 9”+ cheap tablet for my HADashboard. As the Op start questions, is there Any new recommendation?


Any guides or links to how you turned the screen on with motion detection? I am new to Home Assistant but learning it fast. I was thinking of doing this with a pi3.

if i look for a cheap tablet for on the wall right now, i would look at 1 thing and that is android version as high as possible.
apps to show it full screen with several extra options are not available for older android version.

@mgworek dashboard doesnt have such options (obviously)
so you need to look outside that for such options.
on a tablet i know there are apps that can do such things, but on a pi you first of all need to have a screen that you can turn on and off with some code.
i have a small screen and it falls asleep automaticly (RPI has that build in) but how i would activate it with code i wouldnt know where to start.
but you are talking about home assistant and not about HAdashboard, so maybe you need to create another topic for it, and then there could be people who have something simular.

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You should checkout the nucleus intercom it runs Android lollipop and can be sideloaded with extra apps via adb and plus it’s Poe and wall mountable!!! Did I mention it’s only $99 they also have a black Friday special of 20% off your order and to top it off it’s actually an intercom for your house too!

Hey ralu sorry I didn’t respond to you earlier… been swamped with family stuff. That should be the same resolution as my Fire 7 so I’m not sure why it’s displaying zoomed. What browser are you using? I can try to reproduce the issue. Regarding your 404 errors I might have forgotten helper.js in my github commit but the other 2 files look like they should have been part of the HADashboard install. Do other skins work? i’ll take a look this week.

How you do the motion detection?

This should be OK, it cost 100 euro?

Teclast P10 Octa Core Tablet PC
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do you have a link? I am finding them from $1.xx to $2.xx, but they don’t say optical isolated.
Ones that say that are in the $5.xx range.

I use the WallPanel app that is mentioned earlier in this post. It’s basically a full-screen browser that has settings for motion detection, remote control via MQTT and some other features. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it works for me.