HADashboard Tablet Hardware Options

If you have a permanently mounted/installed tablet for your HADashboard, can you answer the questions below?

  1. What make/model did you use?
  2. Did you change the OS on it?
  3. Price of tablet
  4. How did you mount it?
  5. How did you wire the power supply, LAN etc?
  6. Post some pictures

I’m curious to see what others have done before I make an investment.


I have a wall mounted tablet running HADashboard. Answers to your questions:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" (used off amazon)
  2. No, just did all available updates.
  3. $133
  4. Vida Mount from vidabox.com (kinda pricey)
  5. POE to usb adapter through the wall (no wires visible anywhere, bought off amazon, vidabox sells them but again are more expensive)
  6. No images readily available.
  1. Nextbook 8 some cheapo android tablet i bought many years ago
  2. did not change the os it’s android 4.1.1 it has a few problems but works for me
  3. can’t remeber was more than a few years ago i’m guessing around 150€
  4. i used velcro one part attached to back of tablet one part to wall(paper). But watch out if going this route, while it works don’t make the mistake as i did and buy the strongest velcro tape you can find as i can tell you it’s too string. One part is attached to my wallpaper and one part to tablet. Initialy the velcro was so strong i could not get the tablet of the wall and when trying harder the backplate of the table was still attached to the wall while i had the rest of the tablet in my hands. Also don’t recommend doing it on wallpaper i did it and removed one strip after wards it took part of the paper with it. My guess is though if you don’t use the strongest wallpaper it might work. It still works for me but i don’t remove my tablet from the wall anymore
  5. No lan i use wifi and i have a wall socket nearby the place where “hung” my tablet so the charger is always attached to the socket and tablet
  6. here’s a crappy quality video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_uh_ZTX6_A and i placed some pictures in the thread here Announcement: HADashboard v2 Beta!
  1. https://www.amazon.com/PadTab-Damage-Free-Universal-locations-smartphones/dp/B01EBAOUZ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489008272&sr=8-1&keywords=padtab+2

I have been using the above to mount 7" tablet on cabinet door in the kitchen for few years now. I’m about to use it again for 10" around the house for HADashboard.

Currently in the same process, will keep this post updated.

  1. Raspberry Pi3 + Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen
  2. Not sure yet what OS to use, I want to maybe also run some presencedetection / voice recognition, but the frontend needs to be just HADashboard v2 in some kind of sensible kiosk mode.
  3. 100 Euro’s of marktplaats (kind of Dutch ebay)
  4. not figured out yet
  5. not done yet
  6. will do when it’s done

Also in progress but this is what i’m going with. I have everything purchased, just need to make a hole in the wall, fish my ethernet cable out and mount the tablet!

  1. Amazon Fire 7
  2. Rooted tablet and flashed Fire Nexus ROM
  3. $39 (currently on sale)
  4. I also bought a vidabox mount like lordsiris did
  5. Power over Ethernet (I already had a PoE switch for my security cameras). ran a cable to the tablet location and will (hopefully!) be able to drop it inside the wall and fish it out
  6. Hopefully tackling this over the weekend. Pics coming soon!
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Been about 3 months, what status? Pictures?
I like the price, looks it want’s to be in portrait, what direction did you mount?
Anyone else would like to update and post some pictures?

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve had this up and running but forgot to ever take pictures. I’m using WallPanel to display the dashboard in fullscreen and turn the screen on automatically with motion detection. So far everything works great!


Wow…that looks super cool. Great job!!

Thanks! I like how it turned out although sometimes i wish I had gone with a full size iPad :laughing:

Which case wall mount is that, I just brought a Tab S2 9.7 and was looking for a clean solution like that, no wired and nicely mounted!

  1. iPad 3 16GB with iOS 9.3.5.
  2. Unfortunately, I was forced to update to this OS version which makes this pad super slow.
  3. I dunno…it was collecting dust, so may be worth ~50 bucks?
  4. Super cool in-wall mount: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Four-4-In-Wall-Mount-for-iPad-2-3-and-4-/272770418809?epid=1622545061&hash=item3f82624879:g:eDAAAOSwT6pVsfXR. When I bought it, it was $35, now the price tag is crazy! I feel this is some homebrew design + 3D printing. Nevertheless it looks cool and works very well.
  5. PAINFUL EXPERIENCE! I underestimated the complexity of the project… I dug a huge hole in the wall only to find that the space behind where I dug was stuffed by a heating/cooling duct and completely enclosed by studs. Long story short I managed to deplete my 200+ IQ (jokin’) to find a route for the usb cable right behind the drywall, across the stud, through the electric box, out through the back of the wall and plugged back into a usb receptacle…
  6. Pics coming soon, but mine looks just like the others’: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/7tUAAOxycmBSsdtk/s-l1600.jpg
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Thanks! I bought one of these from a company called Vidabox. It looks like they have Galaxy Tab A 9.7 enclosures, not sure if that would fit an S though. It wasn’t cheap (something like $90) but it fit perfectly and is easy to remove the cover to access the tablet to restart it.

I also bought a couple of Fire tablets. But those mounts are so expensive. Would be great to just 3d print one!

If you like the look of just the tablet mounted to the wall with no frame you could buy something like this wireless receiver: https://www.amazon.com/Ocr-Wireless-Charging-Universal-receiving/dp/B010USS7P6

Once you plug it in you can wrap it around the back of the tablet then cut a hole in the wall just big enough to fit a wireless charger. Here’s an image that gives you an idea of what it looks like… you would basically barely be able to tell there was anything plugged in. If I did another wall mount i’d probably go this route.

Hello. ¿Did you installed HADashboard on that device? I’m asking because I’m trying with lots of issues with pip3 or docker.

Nope, didn’t get it working, might try it again at some point but for now I’m thinking of buying some (second hand) Nexus 7 2013’s or Amazon Fire (HD?) tablets.

Is it possible to have an iPad wake on motion?

Hey Nick! This is an awesome setup! Would you be willing to share the basic layout/structure/colors of your dashboard? It’s super sleek, great job!

So I ended up buying one of these:

and mounted an ASUS 10" android tablet in there.

Was a bit tight as the charge port on the asus is on the left, so I had to buy a 90 degree micro usb charge cable. Running HADashboard, it looks like this:

Was actually pretty pleased with the final result, and the mount was a bargain compared to alternatives!

Had to modify the mount slightly, cutting a hole in the back panel to route the cable out of the back, and nipping off some plastic supports to allow the cable to route through without the tablet pressing on the charge cable