Hank HKZW-RGB01 Light Bulb Color Changing and Z wave

Hi all,

I have recently setup HA/Hassio on a RP3. I have already installed one white/normal zwave light bulb and can control it fine.

My issue, though: I bought a HANK HKZW-RGB01 color changing bulb. It is able to connect and be controlled by HA for On/Off and the dimmer but not for color changing. The bulb has a built in hardware “button” to change colors by turning the light on and off 2 times in quick succession and then turning it off/on again once it has cycled to the color you want. Interestingly, I can change the color in HA after doing this and it does so but only to the same, normal, white color. After it changes back to the white color, it will not change again. (IE, I can set a red color but if I try to change colors then it “resets” to the normal white color.

I read another post about this bulb already and it didn’t really help me. Monoprice Z-Wave RGB Light bulb ( Hank HKZW-RGB01 RGB ). This post also seems more like automation. I am not interested in automation, at this point! :smiley:

By the way, I have tried to get this working by both pairing the device using HA and using the manual button on the Aeotec Gen5 usb controller.

To sum up: Is there anything I can do to make the bulb capable of being controlled by HA in terms of color??

Thanks all,

Use the services section and set the white to 0 and it should work.

I am finding that quick, subsequent changes cause a BIG delay in the updates being handled, though.

Thanks! I had read after the fact that doing something like this should correct the issue. I tried adding it under the entity settings as a “data: rgbw_color: 0” (or something like that, don’t remember now) but that didn’t work.

So, you have to use services. Thanks! Still learning. Haha