HAOS installed on Beelink MiniS12, Bluetooth failing

I recently installed HAOS on a Beelink Mini S12. Everything went well, with one exception. I keep getting an error that Bluetooth is failing to start/not found I have looked and I have found some threads about a kernel not yet supported, and referencing a work around on github. I have no idea how to even attempt to implement that. Would anyone be willing to guide me through how to fix this issue?

Honestly, getting into kernel manipulation is a bit much to bite off if you’re first getting started with *nix.

After some digging, it looks like this might be fixed now.

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I’ve also recently tried setting up a Bluetooth dongle but it had some issues, so I’ve decided to go for an ESPHome BLE proxy instead.

I also recently (a week ago) upgraded from a RPi4 to Beelink Mini S12, and it went smoothly for me. The internal bluetooth has been recognised and configured, although I’m not using it for anything at the moment.
One thing that I initially mistook for a bluetooth configuration problem was that when restoring the backup from the RPi4, the bluetooth configuration was for the BT MAC/ID found in the RPi4, which of course wasn’t present. I deleted that config and installed bluetooth again, with the wizard detecting the Mini S12’s bluetooth device without a problem. If you’ve restored a backup from a previous Home Assistant installation, this might be the problem.
I’ve been trying to find the model of the BT device in my Mini S12, but lsusb seems to only have very basic info.

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The recommended advice from the developers from previous live release parties - is that the ESP Home Bluetooth Proxy is the way to go anyway, because native bluetooth has to pass through so many layers before Home Assistant gets hold of it, but with the ESP Home Bluetooth Proxy, the bluetooth data is direct to Home Assistant over the network.

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I did not upgrade from a rpi, and i had ordered a bluetooth dongle, but i had not thought about this. I deleted the bluetooth devices, restarted HAOS, and that was what finally got it going for me with the Beelink bluettooth.

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Not to mention that they’re about the cost of a Bluetooth dongle with the advantage of being able to stick them anywhere with WiFi coverage.