HAOS on a Fujitsu Esprimo Q957 does not boot

Hi all,

I tried to install HAOS on a Fujitzu Esprimo without success. After copying the file with BalenaEtcher, the PC does not find the installed OS.
I’m following this procedure: Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

I’m able to install Ubuntu, and during installation it actually asks me if I want to keep HA in dual boot, but this type of installation fails. Ubuntu alone is installing and booting with no issues.

I’m wondering if I have some wrong settings in my bios. Can you please help?

It seems your PC supports virtualisation.
I suggest you install Proxmox VE (PVE) and then run HAOS in a VM. This is a more powerful combination and allows massive flexibility to your system.
Please check my guides if you wish how to install PVE and then HAOS. Tomorrow a new HAOS architecture guide is coming to give you a few ideas why installing HAOS in a PVE VM is the sound choice.

PVE Setup Guide,
PVE Architecture

HA PVE Setup Guide,
HA Config Guide

I‘m personally not really interested in virtualisation/running a proxmox server (at least for the time being) is there a way to run Home Assistant OS on this?

@NuMentor were you able to figure it out?

This works: Installing HAOS on a dedicated x86-64 PC - #11 by MichaelSidenius

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in that case i might be the proud owner of one of these machines soon - cheers

TBH: I don’t own such a machine and I commented on this because it’s the procedure that gives issues.
Somehow, balena etcher comes up regularly when there are problems.
I have used that method that I linked to with a x86-64 system.

To be sure and have a better understanding have a look in this search results: Search results for 'Fujitsu Esprimo' - Home Assistant Community

@martindinicolino: the advice to use Proxmox VE is a good one.
If you have such a powerful machine (at least if enough RAM), it’s a waste of resources to just run HA on it.
I use Proxmox and my HA (Core, in a container) is configured for 2 virtual cpu’s and 1GB RAM.
Proxmox has a few advantages as well like the ability to make easy snapshots and backups.
OTH: I have ot be honest that there is some learning needed when starting to use Proxmox.

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I value the advice, both yours and from @os.habitats.tech side, maybe i‘ll graduate to that solution at some point in the future, but i am a bit of a newbie and currently can‘t come up with any usecases for a proxmox server that i could‘t solve by installing home assistant addons

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