Hardware recommendation: smart lock that is cloud-free (possibly over wifi)

Hi evreryone,
I’m about to take what I consider a big step: I want to install a smart lock on my main entrance door and I’m looking for a recommendation

What I’m mostly interested in is:

  • decently known brand (no unknown brands)
  • possibility to use the device entirely cloud-free
  • possibly using wifi or zwave (no BLE nor zigbee)

Does anybody have a recommendation?

Many thanks!

Where are you located device availability varied by country.

If you’re in the US I prefer schlage. The connect series is ZWave.

Thank you for answering.

Located in Europe. The shape of the cylinder we use here is the “waterdrop” type (see pic below for reference).

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As you’re in Europe, a few words on Nuki as they are one of the most used smart locks here:

The non-pro in combination with the bridge should work without internet connection.
The 3.0 Pro with it’s nice MQTT implementation NOT. Even that you might think it would be a good fit.
It reconnects Wifi all the time when it can’t connect to the cloud.
So it also looses connection to the MQTT server.

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Thanks for the reply! So you recommend Nuki 3.0 base version.
As I understand it uses bluetooth (not BLE) and I can control it with a esp32 bluetooth proxy directly from the integration in home-assistant, am I right?

I haven’t used it with a self-made esp bridge so far.

A few years ago I used the 2.0 with the Nuki bridge, which worked fine for me.
Now I use the 3.0 Pro with MQTT, but that wouldn’t fit your need for offline-usage.

Maybe someone else can tell you more about their success with a self made esp32 bridge.

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