Harmony hub with hass

I am considering getting Logitech’s “Harmony Hub” but one thing that is holding me back is that I don’t know if I can control my KNX lights and AC. They are compatible with home assistant but not the Harmony Hub. Is there any way to add devices from hass to the Harmony Hub?

Take a look at this: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/emulated_roku/

I’m going to have a play with this later as I recently dusted off an old Harmony Hub. I was using HDMI-CEC but I finally got tired of the Shield and the PS4 having a fight with the AVR about who should be “on”.


I don’t really understand how that would help because I want to add the lights to the Harmony hub.

You add the emulated roku to Home Assistant, then go into Harmony and get it to search for devices on the network. It’ll then discover your new Roku device. Harmony will think it’s a regular Roku device and you’ll be allowed to map your buttons etc to it.

In Home Assistant, you can trigger actions on the back of those Roku actions being triggered.

I only need on and off and I saw others use emulated hue so should I use emulated hue?

I use emulated hue for this (ISY/Insteon lights but same use case). But I have used both. Emulated roku will also work, the differences are:

  • Emulated roku will work with all remotes, emulated hue will only work with remotes that support hue.
  • Emulated hue will also enable support for things like Amazon Echo, etc. Whereas emulated roku will not.

See the excellent response from @wuench above. I think another pro of using Emulated Hue over Roku is that Logitech limits the use of the home control buttons on some of their remotes to home control device such as hue.