Has any one used Silabs zwave pc controller

A switch manufacturer uses Silabs for firmware upgrades. And I have used it for associations (I don’t have ZwaveJS2Mqtt).
Has anyone used Silabs?

I recently learned that it is not possible to stop the Z-waveJS add-on, and am worried I am throwing a wrench in my system switching between HASS and Silabs.
When plugging in my stick to my other computer and running Silabs, I can see my complete network and control them. This seems to make sense to me - the stick/hub doesn’t lose any information when unplugged or communicating with different software. Am I right?
I have a Zen30 device that is dead, will not factory reset and re-include, and am wondering if this is related. I don’t think so though.

Why don’t you just switch to zwavejs2mqtt? Then you can set associations and do firmware upgrades.

No clear instructions on switching over. What I find indicates I have to rebuild my network (to install, not to switch between the add-ons). People have said this is not true, but provide no specifics to follow. I don’t want to break it. (JS should have the ability to create associations, or the developing team needs to come out and say you need zwavejs2mqtt).

But this is the answer I always get - why not use zwavejs2mqtt. It would have been nice if the original set up instructions and Hass page for JS provided two recommendations:
1 - install zwavejs2mqtt
2 - uncheck supervised installation (so JS can be stopped when needed)

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Why not just shut down the machine you run Home Assistant etc on?

Probably wisest to shut stuff down before you move the z-wave adapter to another machine anyway…

Then do the editing on the silab controller software, move the controller back and restart the machine…

(Have done that on some occasions when trying to figure out z-wave trouble - works fine)

@cbh pulling power is what I am now doing. Thanks!
I also confirmed with Zooz that switching between HA and Silabs will not cause issues.

I was concerned moving my stick between HA and Silabs was causing some problems, but those were due to unrelated issues (JS dev team #2540 fix - HA confusing the Zen30’s switch with its dimmer).

For anyone on JS (not on JS2mqtt) that wants to change firmware or set associations, check out the Silabs zwave pc controller. It works well, is not hard to figure out, and no invasive changes on your HA setup.