Z-wave JS won’t stop running when stopped

I have Z-wave JS (version 0.1.21) only (no mqtt) and am noticing that JS will not stop. It restarts after being stopped.

Any idea what is going on with this?

If you configured the integration to use the supervised add-on then that is the expected behavior.

Ok. so that means the stop button is a teaser.
Is there a way to change the supervised add-on? Or do I just shutdown HASS altogether?
I need to stop it to remove my zwave stick for use in another computer running silabs zwave pc controller.

TBH, I’m not sure shutting down HA will stop the add-ons either since they are actually separate docker containers.

you may need to shut down the whole machine.

Oh, the joys of having HA run everything beyond your control. Which is why I don’t. :wink:

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