Has anyone paired an Innr RB 262-2 white smart bulb with ZHA?

I want to pair Innr RB 262-2 smart bulbs directly to ZHA, not through any hub. I am using a SONOFF stick, which is generally very good.

The Blakadder database does not mention this model(*), but since many Innr bulbs are listed, it seemed safe to assume that they would all work (?).

I have two new bulbs, so they have not been paired with anything before.

  1. The first time I plugged one in, it blinked and ZHA recognised it. It completed ‘Interview’ but then got stuck on ‘Configuration’. Subsequent attempts have failed to recognise it at all.

  2. I tried moving it to within a metre of the SONOFF coordinator to ensure there is a strong signal.

  3. I tried the reset procedure (6 times on and off). The bulb blinks (sometimes before all six) to indicate pairing mode, but ZHA does not recognise it.

  4. I tried the Innr app, because with Phiilps Hue you can use the app to factory reset a bulb. This is not the case with Innr; the app refuses to help if you do not have an Innr hub.

  5. I tried the second bulb, but with the same result.

Did I miss something, or should I send them back to Amazon for a refund?

(*) Blakadder mentions RB 265-2 but it is hard to match the model number with the product as they are not included in Innr product descriptions or Amazon ads. I therefore do not know what the difference is between RB262-2 ad RB265-2.

Look here to see if your device is supported or if someone has a quirk files to tide you over until it is supported assuming it is not.
If you are looking at how to use the quirks, How to setup local ZHA quirks.
Has a discussion about it. I’m sure searching the community would find you more stuff.
Tips on Searching for Answers & Duplicate Topics in the Forum.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. I don’t see any listing of supported devices under the link you provided - it is the instructions for writing Quirks.
  2. I have played with Quirks in the past, but usually after a device is recognised but does not have the correct entities. Here, the device is not being recognised at all (after the first time) so I think it has something to do with getting into pairing mode
  3. I cannot be bothered with quirk programming in this case. I can just send them back and get Philips Hue instead!
  4. Er, I thought this thread here is the discussion, isn’t it ?!?
  5. Naturally I searched this forum, and indeed the whole internet before posting here. That’s where I got the stuff I already tried, however I only found posts about connecting to other systems, not ZHA specifically. Did you find something I missed?

Cheers :slight_smile:

The list here might have something for you…

No. My question is not a general ‘how to’; it is a very specific one about whether it is possible to pair this particular Innr product with ZHA. If you have done this, tell me how you did it. If you have not done it, then you cannot help. Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

Send them back.

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