Has anyone set up an ODB2 integration to get car data into HA?

I want to find a way to get data from our cars into Home Assistant. I’m especially interested in the mileage, so I can see how far we’re driving, set up alerts for servicing, oil change, etc.

I’m wondering if I can use a cheap-ish ODB2 bluetooth adapter and an ESP32 running ESPHome with the HA bluetooth proxy. But I wouldn’t want it to draw any power when the car is turned off. I just want to get a few readings when I start the car in the garage, and after I park after coming home.

Has anyone done this before?

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You might want to check here:


Interesting, thanks! I would prefer to skip the Torque app and read the bluetooth messages directly into Home Assistant. But I can see why people would want the live data while they’re driving. Also I don’t know if this app works on iOS (I only have an iPhone.)

You can use an old Android phone (or buy an older model cheaply) dedicated to running only the Torque app. You would keep this phone in your car at all times, as suggested here.

In 5 years around here I haven’t seen this done, but I’ve thought about it too. It hasn’t been a priority for me though. My idea was to connect an ESP to my existing OBDII.

There’s a good hint here: Reddit - Dive into anything.

This basically is a way to create your own App to integrate with the cars existing “smart app”. For someone that can write an integration, this would be super simple to set up.

I am guessing that the integration would look something like “Docker Wyze Bridge” where the custom App would run in Docker.

Thanks, but in my case the only way to get the data is via ODBII. There’s no other interface. Still, it’s good to know for others this exists.


I’ve come across this autopi project but haven’t played with it much yet. it’s a raspberry pi with odb and 4g modem.