HASS.Agent: Windows client to receive notifications, use commands, sensors, quick actions and more!

That’s interesting behavior @TarheelGrad1998, thanks for reporting, I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

Could you perhaps try the latest beta to see if that fixes it, it has quite a few mediaplayer changes:


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@SamKr Sorry mate, what do you mean by this… which new integration? In HACS I do have “HASS.Agent MediaPlayer” installed from before, I can see that it’s version 2022.5.7, and HACS isn’t showing any update to this integration. Are you referring to this or is there something new?

No worries - that part of the beta release notes is about the new integration. You can install it in HACS by manually adding this repo:

If you don’t want to, you can wait a while and it’ll show up in the default repo list of HACS (it’s pending approval).

This integration has autodiscovery and uses mqtt, so your PC will show up as new notifier & media_player entities in the ‘integrations’ page. That mediaplayer is the new and improved one.

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Ahh got it, thanks, looking forward to trying it out!
Autodiscovery wont work with me as HA and the other device are on separate VLANs, but I presume there is an option to set the ip manually somewhere?

That’s the beauty of the new integration; everything works through mqtt, so as long as hass.agent has mqtt configured, it’ll work (even autodiscovery) wherever you are. No ip required.

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I upgraded to the beta, as well as the new integration. From my initial tests, it does not wake up the computer like the old one did. Thank you sir!


Aha, so that was preventing my pc’s from going to sleep :sweat_smile:

One minor ask – can the Webview (as configured for Trey Icon) be set to TopMost? I keep email and chat open on that same monitor, and sometimes it comes up behind those windows for some reason.

Hi @TarheelGrad1998, yep! There’s a new version coming this weekend, afterwards I’ll start working on improving the webview, it’s due for some upgrades :slight_smile:


This thing od awesome
I have one issue, commands wont work, PC shutdown
“Button turn/off failled” service not found

Is there an example of using the Display On/Off commands to turn a screen on or off? I saw that you added these over the summer, but now when I add command on PC I don’t see them listed. The example on the docs monitors display state to take an action, here I’m looking to do the opposite (turn a screen on when a motion sensor is activated).

Also I know it’s a known issue but the app is hard to use with the default scaling values on a Surface tablet.

Hi, how does one recall/reference the cover art?
I am trying to make a Picture card, and in the image path I have tried:

'{{ state_attr(''media_player.musicpc'', ''entity_picture'') }}'
[[[ return states['media_player.musicpc'].attributes.entity_picture ]]]

I have tried various options regarding the apostrophes and all seem to error out.

I have this simple notification set up that sends a notification when someone starts playing on plex:

After today’s update, I no longer get the poster in the notification.
This is what it looks like in my automations.yaml:

 - service: notify.surfacepro8
      title: '{{ username}} started playback on {{ device }}'
      message: "{% if series == None %}\n  {{ title }}\n{% else %}\n  {{ series }}
        - S{{ season }}E{{ episode }} - {{ title }}\n{% endif %}\n"
        image: http://homeassistant.local:8123{{ picture }}

Is it normal behaviour that the created sensors don’t show up as entities/sensors on the integrations device page?

To be clear, the entities are created after the desired sensors are created, but they just don’t show up on this page.

Can you show what yaml you’re using?

Hi @nosuch, they were added to yesterday’s release. That release also better deals with scaling.

Not sure exactly. Found this solution, which creates a camera object:

  - platform: generic
    name: Music PC Playing
    still_image_url:{{ states.media_player.musicpc.attributes.entity_picture }}

Note: change to your instance’s IP.

Another one worth checking out is this one:

- entity: media_player.musicpc
  type: state-icon
  icon: mdi:speaker
   left: 22%
   top: 19%

Apparently setting its state as state-icon you just get the cover art.

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Can you please update the integration again (got a fix yesterday), and check again. If it still doesn’t work afterwards, please check both Home Assistant and HASS.Agent’s logs.

This is probably the integration’s page. It’s just for the media_player and notify entities. Look again for your HASS.Agent instance in the devices list, it should contain your entities.

Can you describe the difference between media player in “hass.agent media player add-on” and media player in “hass integration”? I installed hass integration a few days ago (when i installed beta winows app in order to play with edge tab names) and HA did find and created (second) media player for my laptop (main HA screen), but while first one (created with hass media player addon) does play on laptop’s speakers this new one doesn’t - in fact, it doesn’t even start. I trigger it with media_player.play service, but nothing happens - player’s log doesn’t have any entry about being played… should i remove hass media player addon in order to work?