Hass Core on Android phone - how to install addons?

Hey everyone, I installed Hass Core on an old android phone base on articles written here by Mr. Alex. I have a lot of projects needing Add-ons like Hacs and Motioneye.

I also found out that ffmpg integration is not installed with this installation.

Can anyone help me install these manually.


You should not run Home Assistant on a phone, only the companion app that connects to Home Assistant to control it.

Home Assistant Core doesn’t have add-ons.

I got it running on an old samsung S7 edge with 4gb using this tutorial.

I was thinking Hass is an easy task given the phones. 4GB ram+ 8core 64bit ARM v8 processor.

I hope someones exploring potential to fully utilize Hass on old phones.

I don’t think this will happen. A phone is just a really bad choice for a server that controls your home. I doubt you’ll be able to attach some USB sticks for ZigBee/Z-Wave, the network connection is wireless (wired >> wireless) etc. Get a Pi 4 and you’re good to go.

HACS is not an Add-on. It is a custom_component, so you should be able to install that since the totorial mentions a SSH access.

But I believe a simple Pi4 would be a much better choice compared to a 5 year old phone.


Yeah, a Pi4 is better. If only I have one lying around.

Update. I installed Hacs and made all Hacs integration work.

Hi people,

Although a few of you advice not to (I haven’t fully understood the points) I’m thinking about installing Hassio on a phone (Samsung note9 with broken screen).

So I have a question for those who managed to do that: is it possible to use the phone connection in case of ethernet/wifi failure? Just like an alarm would do, in order to send a SMS maybe?
Or some light linux install maybe could, and I 'd install home assistant over it?

I already have a nice Home Assistant install working on my NAS Qnap, but looking for improvement and an alarm-like system (I already know that domotics should not be compared as a real alarm system,that i’m also equiped).

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How did you do it. I want to put it also. I don’t understand the fuzz against phones and tableslts. Most have more computing power than a raspberry pi and can connect hardware via USB

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I have an raspberry pi 4 as my main server and was thinking about using two phones with broken screens for other tasks like remote music players but I would agree that they are a terrible choice for being a master server for several reasons but it’s not likely to be worth replacing a screen when they go for the same price as the repair on eBay.