HASS - Failed to start network Manager wait online

I have HASS (OS version: Home assistant OS 9.5, core: 2023.6.2) on Raspberry Pi 4 B . I can not connect to it through mobile phone. HASS works, because automations normally work. I connected RPI to TV and seems like problem with NetworkManager.

I tried to turn off and then turn on RPi and also tried to reset router. It didnt help. I tried on cmd : “ha network update” but result was error: FATA[0000]:Error while executing rootCmd: accepts 1arg(s), received 0

Can someone help me what to do? I am adding attachment, which i hope it will help for finding the solution. I found similar topic (Failed to start Network Manager). However, I have no experience in this, so i dont know what to do and how to perform the solution. Thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

I’ve seen similar messages/issues loading HAOS on my Pi’s. The issue in each case was a clock that was off by almost a year. My suggestion - when you get the HA prompt, type “login” and get to an OS prompt. Once there, type “date” and see what is returned. Assuming it’s off like I think, lookup the “timedatectl” command to set the date/time/timezone to something closer to current. Once close, type “reboot”.

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I solved it with : ha host reboot