Hass.io Add-On: letsdnsocloud - Custom Domain SSL & DDNS

Hi @hars, I’ve tried both internal and external. Same result. Fairly sure the issue is with the generation of the ssl rather than routing. Could however be wrong!

I think there may have been an issue with the underlying script the add-on calls (Dehydrated).

I updated the config to use the latest version of that script. Try deleting the add-on and adding it again and it should work.

I updated my hassio to the latest version, deleted the certs and add-on and reinstalled and everything worked fine.

What you should see in the log:

Updated your.domain.name with IP: **.**.**.**
# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
+ Generating account key...
+ Registering account key with ACME server...
+ Fetching account ID...
+ Done!
# INFO: Using main config file /data/workdir/config
 + Creating chain cache directory /data/workdir/chains
Processing your.domain.name
 + Creating new directory /data/letsencrypt/your.domain.name ...
 + Signing domains...
 + Generating private key...
 + Generating signing request...
 + Requesting new certificate order from CA...
 + Received 1 authorizations URLs from the CA
 + Handling authorization for your.domain.name
 + 1 pending challenge(s)
 + Deploying challenge tokens...
Waiting 30 seconds before deleting for LE
 + Responding to challenge for your.domain.name authorization...
 + Challenge is valid!
 + Cleaning challenge tokens...
 + Requesting certificate...
 + Checking certificate...
 + Done!
 + Creating fullchain.pem...
 + Done!

@hars, still the same unfortunate. I:

Uninstalled the add-on
Restarted Hass just to be safe
Re-installed add-on
Set/Saved config options
Started add-on

Same error:

Updated sub.domain.net with IP: myipaddress
/usr/bin/dehydrated: line 1: 404:: command not found

fyi as might be relevant, I’m running hass (170) on a synology disk-station, letsdnsocloud is showing version 1.1. Not sure if this is as expected, my /data/workdir/config is empty.

The Cloudflare component is working as expected with the A record being updated.


Ah, most likely yes.

Does /bin/bash exist?

What is the output of “echo $SHELL” ?

My knowledge of Synology is next to nothing but it looks like perhaps it doesn’t use bash if you’re getting a commend not found error.

Yes it exists, however is empty:

Sorry I really don’t have the chops to try and help you fix this. I’m pretty new to Hassio and have no experience with Synology.

Have you read through this thread?

It looks like the Synology install is pretty tricky and takes some fiddling around to get it working.

Hassio under Synology should behave the same as under other environments. It is “virtualized” via docker so addons should not be affected of underlying system.

Hey @hars, I’m trying to get this installed on hassio supervisor 181, but when I try and run the install, I get the below stack trace

19-08-21 02:09:30 INFO (SyncWorker_6) [hassio.docker.addon] Start build 3983e8d8/amd64-addon-letsdnsocloud:1.1
19-08-21 02:09:30 ERROR (MainThread) [aiohttp.server] Error handling request
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/aiohttp/web_protocol.py", line 418, in start
    resp = await task
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/aiohttp/web_app.py", line 458, in _handle
    resp = await handler(request)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/aiohttp/web_middlewares.py", line 119, in impl
    return await handler(request)
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/api/security.py", line 145, in token_validation
    return await handler(request)
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/api/utils.py", line 38, in wrap_api
    answer = await method(api, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/addons/__init__.py", line 132, in install
    await addon.instance.install(store.version, store.image)
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/utils/__init__.py", line 29, in wrap_api
    return await method(api, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/concurrent/futures/thread.py", line 57, in run
    result = self.fn(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/docker/addon.py", line 364, in _install
  File "/usr/src/hassio/hassio/docker/addon.py", line 378, in _build
    use_config_proxy=False, **build_env.get_docker_args(tag)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/docker/models/images.py", line 279, in build
    resp = self.client.api.build(**kwargs)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/docker/api/build.py", line 160, in build
    path, exclude=exclude, dockerfile=dockerfile, gzip=gzip
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/docker/utils/build.py", line 31, in tar
    root=root, fileobj=fileobj, gzip=gzip, extra_files=extra_files
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/docker/utils/build.py", line 68, in create_archive
    fileobj = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/tempfile.py", line 538, in NamedTemporaryFile
    prefix, suffix, dir, output_type = _sanitize_params(prefix, suffix, dir)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/tempfile.py", line 126, in _sanitize_params
    dir = gettempdir()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/tempfile.py", line 294, in gettempdir
    tempdir = _get_default_tempdir()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/tempfile.py", line 229, in _get_default_tempdir
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No usable temporary directory found in ['/tmp', '/var/tmp', '/usr/tmp', '/']

Similar issue below - do you have enough space on whatever drive you’re using? Another common issue to hassio installs that could cause that problem would be a corrupt sd card.

Thanks for the quick response… I’m running on an SSD w/ Gbs free… BUT what is super odd is this morning when I checked, it was suddenly installed… I’m wondering if maybe there was some issue w/ hass.io caching the response… I tried with a few different browsers, so I doubt it was a browser cache issue. :confused:

Thanks for this addon! Exactly what I needed. However, I followed the instructions and get the following error:

2019-08-25 19:21:51 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Error doing job: SSL handshake failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "uvloop/sslproto.pyx", line 500, in uvloop.loop.SSLProtocol._on_handshake_complete
  File "uvloop/sslproto.pyx", line 484, in uvloop.loop.SSLProtocol._do_handshake
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/ssl.py", line 774, in do_handshake
ssl.SSLError: [SSL: HTTP_REQUEST] http request (_ssl.c:1076)

My configuration.yaml looks like this (certain bits redacted):

  base_url: https://home.example.info
  ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem
  ip_ban_enabled: true
  login_attempts_threshold: 5

I guess the only thing I could think of is that the ssl directory is created at the same level as the config directory i.e. hass.io -> config and also hass.io -> ssl. Is that correct? (I’m running Virtualbox)

This error is in multiple add-ons and super common, check it out:

Give this a shot and see how you go:

Thanks, well in fact it was working all along! I didn’t realise that my internal IP would not resolve after this addon was enabled, so I thought my hass instance just wasn’t working, as it wasn’t connecting to my local internal IP (http://192.168.1.x:8123) - switching to the new URL (https://subdomain.domain.info) works just fine (both internally and externally). Still getting that error, but I can live with that until a fix is found.

My only question I guess is, should the internal local IP still work? Not a big deal, but would be nice to know if I’ve configured it correctly.

Oh, yeah - it’ll still work just not on the internal IP.

Internal IP won’t work if you enable https so you’re all good.

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fantastic work thank you!

I can’t get it working. I only can enter in the same LAN, only via IP if I try to enter remotely.

jq: error (at <stdin>:0): Cannot iterate over null (null)

I am also interested in leveraging the Bitwarden add-in. Will this add-in support SSL for both Hassio AND additional add-ins one might add? Figured I would post here to check before I jump into the code…

First off, thanks for the add-on @hars.

I just came back to my hassio install after some time to find that letsdnsocloud is erroring out complaining about nonces. It looks like the Dehydrated version needs to be bumped based on these bug threads: https://github.com/lukas2511/dehydrated/issues/684

It seems that forcing a rebuild/rerunning the add-on repeatedly got it to randomly work (which reports on those threads suggested would work as well) but getting upstream Dehydrated fixes to get around this properly probably aren’t a bad idea.


already running the latest release: https://github.com/PhrantiK/hassio-addons/blob/36e9f0e5ecc633b008654ee6cea1383d45bc2dd6/letsdnsocloud/build.json

What is the exact error message you’re getting?

I haven’t touched my Hassio install in months as it “just works”. If I find the time I’ll update and see if I get the error messages.