Hass.io Add-on: SocketXP - Home Assistant Remote Access (No DDNS + No Port Forwarding Required)

Hass.io Add-on: SocketXP
Fast and lightweight reverse proxy tunnels for your Home Assistant using TLS tunnels.

SocketXP is a lightweight VPN alternative that provides remote connectivity using secure TLS or SSL tunnels. SocketXP add-on also enables Home Assistant and any other services running inside internal network to receive webhooks from public services such as IFTTT, Zapier, Mailgun or pretty much anything. Add-on also allows you to create secure bidirectional tunnels for remote access for example your browser. SocketXP supports end-to-end encrypted TLS tunnels for high level data security.

SocketXP works by opening a connection to the SocketXP Public Cloud Gateway running in the Google Cloud Platform and providing you a unique “webhooks inbox” URL which you can supply to 3rd party services or subdomain for remote access to your device.

What this add-on can do?

Remote access to Home Assistant, Node-RED, Configurator, Tileboard GUI or anything else that can be accessed via browser.
Integrate with Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT.
End-to-end TLS encryption for connections from your device.

SocketXP is extremely useful when:
You cannot access your router to configure port forwarding
Router doesn’t support port forwarding
Your ISP blocks inbound connections
You don’t have a static IP address
Server that is hosting your home automation system is changing IP, location
You find configuring DuckDNS with Let’s Encrypt too difficult

When SocketXP is not useful:
You have a static IP and can configure your router or just point a DNS at it.
Your Home Assistant is already in the public cloud and accessible from anywhere
You can configure DuckDNS with Let’s Encrypt and it works for you, guide here

Install the “SocketXP” add-on:
You can read our full and complete documentation to know the step by step instruction on: How to install, setup and configure SocketXP add-on in our documentation page.

Plans and Pricing:
SocketXP is a hosted service, hosted in Google Cloud Platform, that requires infrastructure, support and development time. Our business model is providing basic services for free and premium features for fee. We do not share any of your data with 3rd parties, except with Stripe for billing purposes.

Our free plan includes:
One bidirectional tunnel suitable for remote access. But due to the lack of end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption we wouldn’t recommend using them from unsafe wifi networks.
Webhooks forwarding - 100 webhooks per month
Tunnel access - 100 access per month

Our Basic Plan:
For most users basic plan - $2.99/month after applying coupon code WHSOCKETXP2020 - will be enough, it includes:
Custom subdomains
Secure TLS pass-through tunnels
SSL for bidirectional tunnel endpoints
3 tunnels - for example Home Assistant, Node-RED, Grafana or anything else.
1500 webhooks per month

Data Security:
SocketXP never snoops your private data. Please refer to our privacy policy, terms of service and GDPR. SocketXP never receives or transmits data unencrypted over the internet even for free plan customers unlike other services in the market (because we care about our customer’s data safety.). SocketXP offers TLS tunnels (paid plans) for true end-to-end encrypted tunnels. Data transmitted over these end-to-end TLS tunnels cannot be snooped by us, even if we wanted to (but we don’t have that intention).

How can you support us:

Blog about it.
Tweet about SocketXP
Provide useful feedback

Report Issues:
Submit issues to the add-on’s Github repository or send me an email: support@socketxp. I will answer your queries as soon as possible :slight_smile: