Hass.io Add-on: Zigbee2MQTT

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zigbee2mqtt is a nice little piece of software that allows you to connect zigbee devices without the need of proprietary gateways. It’s based on zigbee-shpeherd and it runs on nodejs. You can read more on the forums or directly in the documentation

Hass.io Addon

Hass.io Add-on: zigbee2mqtt is a packaged version of the above, focused on making it very easy to install and configure.

The addon is still having very short release cycles because of fast pace development of zigbee2mqtt but it’s stable enough for usage. Have a look at the extensive documentation and if you need extra support use the issue tracker.


There are quite a few people that contributed and can be found on the credits but the biggest contributors are @Koenkk and @danielwelch


Awaiting 0.1 release @danielwelch :grimacing:

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New 1.5.1 update seems to have broken a few installs:

New updates to the add-on now live in and more updates to come. Check enhancement issues

Edge add-on now supports experimental Frontend

Released version 1.15.0 for zigbee2mqtt.