Hass.io On Hyper-V - Step By Step

I managed to get hassio up and running. But it’s on a different network and it cannot see all the devices on my regular network.

I might not have the terminology correct, what I mean is all my devices are on the usual 192.168.xx.xx, but the VM is on 172.18.xx.xx. Am I missing something?

It’s been MANY years since I did any serious network stuff, so bear with me :rofl:


Do you want it on a different network? If not, check the virtual switch settings in Hyper-V.

Older comments here, but thank you for nudging me in the right direction. Just migrated to Hyper-V and got USB Redirector set up successfully.

Have you had this running for a long period of time? I’ve done a few reboot tests and all connections restore successfully. Just wondering if there are any stability issues over time or if I’m likely safe to purchase a USB Redirector license.

My timing on moving to HASS supervised on Ubuntu is TERRIBLE with the recent (on hold) deprecation. I’m still moving forward with this for now with the intent of A) hoping they find a sensible way to maintain hassio supervised install or B) move to HassOS in VM with z-stick on a rpi3 once the zwave over mqtt migration is complete (which looks to be coming soon).

I’ve had the redirector working for about 8 months now with no stability issues. The only thing I find is sometimes when you restart HA using the GUI, it doesn’t properly release the port. This only happens intermittently and the fix is very simple : restart the whole machine.

i setup hyper-v. when i start, i get:

Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 00 on CPU 0.
Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

I hit ENTER and now being prompted to enter “homeassistant logon”.
What credentials do i use?


I’m receiving exactly the same messages.
But my homeassistant installation works fine.
Maybe you can lookup the IP of your VM in your router ?
Don’t forget the port at the end of the IP “:8123”

If not there is probably something wrong with your Network Configuration of the VM.

Oh and for the login, default login credentials are:
[No Password]

Thanks!!! I am able to log in using root. I dont see my device in my router. I did a “dns info” and got host:
locals: dns://

My home network my pc is on is 192.168.168.xxx. It seems something doesnt look right. I am using the “default switch” in my hyper-v config.


try creating a new Switch which using external Network and “Allow Management operating system to Share this Network Adapter” checked . Second and third Box unchecked.
dont forget to Change the Network Adapter in the vm. (restart of VM required maybe Host system as Well but probably not)

here is what i have. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

Mhhh this is the Same config as I have :confused:
Did you change the Network config in the vm settings ?
Restarted as Well?

i changed the network adapter to “default switch”. after complete restart (my pc too), i have the following when doing dns info:


  • dns://
    servers: []
    version: “9”

What does your settings say for “dns info”? i’d like to compare notes. My ip range is 192.168.168.xxx. Not sure where its getting 172 and 192.168.37 from. Unless they are internal ip addresses used by HA.

You have to Change the Network Adapter to your newly created Adapter “Hass” in the vm settings. Do you know how to do that ? Sorry im currently at Work.

yes, did that. weird.

I’m having this same “Dazed and confused” error. And I cannot locate the IP address on my router

are you able to log on? if so, try “dns info” command and post your results.

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So I’m home now,
I already told you my configuration which is working fine.
If you need help we could use Teamviewer ^^

sent you message with credentials…have hyper-v and session open

thanks sooo much wolfs…you da man!!!

Haha no problem :slight_smile:
Im glad to help ^^

can i access the yaml files via windows explorer?

nevermind…i installed the addon for smb…