Hass.io on Orange Pi

Hi there,
i have an Orange Pi Zero and i’ve followed this tutorial:

i’ve instaled an armbian distro and then i’ve followed the steps to install Home assistant.
i’ve installed the ha with success but i can’t see the hassio tab in the front end. i’ve also tried to change the configuration.yaml and add the hassio: but i get the error:
Setup failed for hassio: Component failed to initialize.
can anyone help me please?
thanks and regards!

HassIO is a Docker based system for installing Home Assistant. You installed Home Assistant, not HassIO. If you want HassIO you have to install it and not Home Assistant.

Thank you for the information!!!
i’m noob on this matter, so, what is the real difference between HassIO and home assistant? What is a Docker based system?
Can I install HassIO on my orange Pi zero?
Thank you very much for your time!

From the FAQ:

Home Assistant is a Python program, in simple words. It can be run various operating system and provide the ability to track, control and automate your devices. When people talking about Home Assistant they usually refer to a standalone installation method.

Hass.io is a combination of Home Assistant and tools which allows one to run it easily on a Raspberry Pi and other platforms without setting up an operating system first. Hass.io is an all-in one-solution and has a management user interface that can be used from the Home Assistant frontend. This interface is not present in a standalone setup of Home Assistant.

Be aware that add-ons are only available in Hass.io, due to the way Hass.io is installed.

In short:

Docker is a platform for running applications in a self contained way.

You can’t flash an image on the Orange Pi, but if you look at the Hass.io install docs you’ll see that there’s an alternative install guide. Follow that.

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Thank you for your great help!
I have to install all the needed packages independently or the command in alternative install do it for me?
Thank you very much for your help and patience! :smile:

Hello, do you have the store add-on with your installation?
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