Hass.io Raspi server connected as client to external OpenVPN server, not accesable from vpn lan

Hello, I have Hass.io installed on Raspi 3 at home.
There I installed, configured OpenVPN client from https://github.com/larsklitzke/homeassistant-openvpn-client, and I’m connected to external vpn server, and I have VPN lan IP (all works ok).
But from other devices connected to vpn lan, can connect to this IP adress. All others devices in VPN lan is visible and acccesable…
Can anybody help me with open/configure HA?

Hi I have been trying to configure the same OpenVPN addon - but I’m not able to connect to a OpenVPN server I have. I’m interested in connecting my HA to my OpenVPN Server with the OpenVPN client on my HA. It should then connect to another HA on the OpenVPN Server side.

How have you configured your OpenVPN Client (addon) ? Do you use DockDNS ? I cannot start the WebSite for importing OpenVPN configuration file with certificate etc.

If I get my setup working I could take a look at your issue also.

Well I succeed in open the website in a browser but not from HA so now I just need the different certificate files.I really wonder why I can’t use the VPNConfig.ovpn file from my Synology Router running OpenVPN Server.